Have you ever had a hallucination? What was it like?

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  • Terry

    I once had an auditory hallucination. I was in the darkened hallway of my childhood home on my way to bed.

    I heard very clearly, in a conversational tone, the voice of my great grandmother saying my name: "Terry"

    It was spoken as though it were read from a list rather than as addressing me specifically--if that makes any sense.

    I replied, as anybody would, saying her name over and over. However, I knew she wasn't there.

    Oh, how did I know?

    She had been dead for many years.

  • love2Bworldly

    Well I had a big one last month that landed me in the hospital due to a very bad bipolar episode. Small ones I had been having off and on for years when I was sleep deprived were combinations of dark shadows and flickering lights in my room at night.

    My husband had put an idea in my head a couple of years ago that my youngest daughter may not live to be an old woman, in fact he had intuition telling him something bad was going to happen to her within a few years. (long story about my daughter who is bipolar, and I had always feared her bad decisions would come crashing down on her eventually anyway)

    Anyway, I was walking down my dark hallway (no windows so it's always dark), and I turned and looked at the pictures of my kids on my wall and in particular a picture of my youngest daughter in her black graduation gown with her arms folded holding her diploma and I thought she was in a coffin. All of a sudden I just knew that she was either dead, had just died or was about to die. I ran back to my bedroom and became hysterical. I began sobbing like I had never sobbed before, in fact my whole body was heaving, and my stomach felt like I was having labor pains because the sobs were so deep and emotionally/physically painful. I spent a couple of hours crying. I put my cell phone in my drawer and waited for either a phone call or door knock that someone was telling me my daughter was dead. Part of my hallucination was that my baby came into the world with labor pains, and she was now leaving this earth with labor pains. I then sat outside in the sun clutching a picture of her and cried heaving sobs for quite a while. I checked myself into the hospital the next day because I thought my house was haunted and I didn't want to be alone.

    How's that for a hallucination? I tore the picture of my daughter up in the black graduation gown and replaced it with one of her smiling and cheerful.

  • Stealth

    A couple times in the 70s when I took LSD. First experience was during a party, visual light trails from a lit sig, everything in the room color enhanced just by thinking of any color, music experience was enhanced.

    The second tme was more of a spiritual experience, feelling that I was connected to everything else in the universe, realization of just how small I was in the universe, ego was gone and I became fully aware of the pain I caused others in the past by my actions.

    One other time I had the feeling that someone was pushing me from behind, but no one was there, I was walking into my house alone when it happened. That was a bit scary compared to other experiences and I wanted to think it was all in my mind but at the time also felt like it could have been a demon pushing me. I never did anymore again after that and I never experienced any flash backs.

    My father had many hallucinations when he was on strong pain meds and would just lay awake in his bed with nothing to stimulate his mind. Once we talked him into keeping the TV turned on or doing things to keep his mind active instead of idle while awake they seemed to go away. He would see things like the numbers and hands of the clock falling off onto the floor and chrickets jumping up and down on his bed about 3ft into the air.

    Had one audible hallucination shortly after my mother died, I heard her voice just as clear as if she was standing right next to me. I was in bed at the time just falling asleep. No drugs were taken.

  • Finkelstein

    Have you ever had a hallucination ? What was it like ?

    Yes induced by LSD back in the late 70's .

    Being naive to this drug, no one ever told me to not mix alcohol with LSD, the effects could come out badly, it did.

    At that time I was willing to try just about anything that I came across, with the exception of heroin.

    the over all experience to me was unpleasant, kind of it scared me a little, only did it once and that was enough.

  • Farkel

    : If you have had a hallucinatory experience, share it here, please.

    I had the same doozy more than once. I was wearing a cheap dress suit in a meadow and was petting a LION while a lamb was sleeping at the lion's feet.

    Creepy. Not the part about the lion, but the part about wearing the cheap suit to a picnic in the middle-of-nowhere.


  • stillin

    Farkel, that was you!? I remember the suit and thinking to myself how out of place it seemed for this Alfred Newman looking guy to be wearing it in paradise.

  • MadGiant

    I suffer from fatigue hallucination. I was driving on a very familiar stretch of road without curvilinear alignment at 3:00 am. It looks like daylight for about 7 or 9 miles. Doctor said that I was sleep on that stretch and my subconscious took over.


  • Comatose

    I'll throw in there the lucid dreaming experience. Since I was a young child I've been able to know I was dreaming and then change my dream. If I was having a nightmare I would know I was asleep and decide to wake myself. I would use my right hand to open my eye and let that wake me. I'd wake up with my fingers holding my eyelid open. It wasnt long after that where I would know I was dreaming, so decide to fly. I could take off and fly in almost any dream. Then as a teenager I'd know I was asleep so I'd do things with girls in my dreams guilt free haha.

    The worst nightmare I had I knew I was asleep and woke myself with the open the eyelid trick, but I did it in my dream, I didn't really wake. In my dream I thought I was awake and went to the kitchen for breakfast where my parents attacked me with knives. Now that was a bad dream.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Only once.

    I was very ill in hospital where I was given an injection to help me relax. I remember seeing my father, long dead, but as a young man doing terrible things.

    I asked afterward what the drug was and I was told it was something 'similar to LSD' and most people found it very helpful at such times. I have never taken recreational drugs ever and thought if this is what happens I'm glad I never did. Horrendous experience.


  • Finkelstein

    Sounds like there were a lot of bible characters had a lot of hallucinatory psychological experiences

    particular the ones who wrote the words in the book of Revelation.

    Farkel picked up on that....... thanks Farkel

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