Jesus's reign is how long?

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    Jesus's reign is how long?

    Depends on which white horse he is ridding

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Splash, you've spotted an utterly glaring and absurd contradiction of the JW's that is a complete knock-down argument against their whole 1914 creedal rubbish.

    It's absolutely astonishing that more JW's are not calling them out on this ridiculous balderdash and leaving in droves.

  • Bobcat

    If you look at Rev 20:1-4 what it says is that those who rule with Christ come to life and rule with him for a thousand years. Christ's rule is since his ascension, and continues until 'all enemies are put under his feet.' The last thousand years of that rule includes the 144,000.

    And as anonymouz pointed out, Rev 22:3-5 seems to indicate some sort of continuing authority afterwards.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I won't read the answers above nor try to remember or look up the WT answer.

    Just from the hip, what I remember is that Jesus comes into power during the war with Satan. He is King acting as a commander-in-chief of a war.

    His 1000 year reign will be one of peace that starts when Satan is locked up. But it's only a short while away, anyway.

    Basically, WTS makes this stuff up because the Bible is their greatest asset and their greatest enemy. They need ways out of their explanations because their explanations can be shown to violate the Bible.

  • smiddy

    Didnt jesus first century disciples ? or was it his enemies that identified him as King of the jews ? So if he was king of the jews 2000 years ago ...?


  • steve2

    The start of Christ's 1,000 year rule is the 12th of Never, month and day exact, the year flexible.

  • Bobcat

    See this thread for numerous verses that locate Jesus' reign since after his return to heaven.

    The thread also lists all the verses that refer to parousia in connection with Jesus. None of the contexts of those verses link the idea of Jesus "becoming" or "being crowned" as king with the parousia ("presence" - NWT and others). Always it is associated with judgment or reward of others.

  • prologos

    wt 2/15/2014:-- I got hold of a printed copy today and here are some other gems from the 2nd study article: "rejoice over the marriage of the lamb" :( over 100, possibly 200 years into his reign that started in 1914).

    page 11, par. 14. we, the socalled "other sheep"* are "spiritual virgins", companions of the bride with flutes & tambourines (picture yourself) in the temple court yards. . cute.

    page 12 par. 17 "--Christ will appoint others -FROM- among the faithful elders of today to take the lead in the new world--" so,

    Elders beware, only SOME of you will be leaders in the New World. don't incurr the displeasure of the appointers.

    12, paragraph 19: "--The other sheep* are moved to be EVER MORE SUBMISSIVE to---" if you think "listen obey and be blessed" is questionable, wait for what is coming down the pipe.

    * wt "other sheep",-- not the Gentile Christians that Jesus talked about.

    last cover page, Animal illustration carricatures:

    elepant with ivory tusks growing out of the JAWS

    Giganto sauros standing upright without supporting water matching 1000 elephants in weight (minus tusks)

    too bad Dawkins could not have seen the photo- drama, him dying laughing, we would have been spared his rantings.

    not to be nitpicking, but the publications have entertainment value.

  • prologos

    and since this all happened in Jesus reign that started in 1914,

    a question to you wt history fans:

    on the photo drama of creation pages 30,31,32.

    how can the EIGHT HOUR drama, shown in FOUR parts be

    shown in 80 cities EACH DAY with only a total of 20 individual sets available?

    entanglement before its time?

  • zebagain

    P: The same way an 'important' all together Australia wide hook up talk was held years ago except the jw in the east of Australia were not sitting around for 2 hours until the west was ready in their seats. It was not a nation wide hook up it was a recording but all together sounds more cosy.

    This stuff is way over my head. Remember that the founders of wts were into the occult with the 'pyramidology' and other such. One of the books they produced had the wings of Horus across the cover. Since the heady days of Russell they have spent far to much time predicting the 'return' of the christ and "this means this and that means that ..and by that we assume that.. if we interpret...oops we made a F*** up, well we didnt really say that; what you sold your house now your broke well well...".

    History shows that groups that secure themselves inside their own monastrys will become so self absorbed that they dont know what day it is.

    "No man knows the hour or the day"-

    There can be no doubt who really is the power behind the wts.

    its all a hell of a long way from the sermon on the mount.

    So what do you pay for petrol?

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