Getting Married next year

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  • dozy

    The various petty JW rules and regulations regarding what is / isn't allowed during weddings would make the Pharisees blush. The irony is that most of the rules were made up by Fred Franz who was never married. I'm assuming he wasn't a big fan of rice and confetti , but enjoyed cake.

    I was in roughly a similar situation ( attending a non-JW wedding where many of the guests were JWs ) and there was a toast , but it was pretty late on in the evening by which time many of the guests were already a little tipsy anyway and even a few of the JWs happily "toasted".

    It's your day and it isn't a JW wedding so I would just do it.

  • zeb


    Jgnat: spot on my dear.

    Its your day no others all sound advice here.

    Hope you have a great day and loving life.

  • LisaRose

    I used to toast, even as a JW, it seemed like such a stupid, petty thing to object too, I just couldn't feel bad about doing it. The dubs in your family can simply abstain, I doubt if anyone else is going to care, or even notice. Another good reason to sit them all at the same "party pooper" table.

  • konceptual99


    When you left, were you Df'ed or did you disassociate yourself.

    If so then your JW family may be inviting some critism about needless association.

    If you are simply "inactive" then there has been a lot stirred up recently about the attendance and participation in weddings of those "marrying out of the lord". I know it does not make sense if one left years ago but if any of your family are elders, servants or pioneers then they may be taken to task.

    If your relatives don't care then good for them but don't underestimate the pettyness of the elders if they want to cause trouble.

    On the toasting thing then I would find a way to get the toast done in way that does not make it uncomfortable at the time. I have seen the MC of the venue do it, the father of the bride or another respected guest. Just head it off at the pass.

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