"They're only human!" (the most common defence of the Governing Body)

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  • nonjwspouse

    sfpw, God promised water, God delivered water ,Moses did what God said to do. However he allowed the people to believe since he did the act that the water was from him.

    Gods prophacy was true, Moses did what he said to do.

    A man in such power can grow to become drunk with the power, correct? Do you THINK . MAYBE the WT leaders are a MIGHT BIT drunk with believing all that they say are words of God which demand complete following of all JWs? Especiakly sinced the Multiple prophecies coing from the WT, said to be the only true channel of communication of God, ( like Moses) have been proven false. False... Things that were said by the WT did not come to pass. Over, and over, and over.............

    In fact, the one thing the WT clings to is STILL false but the GB tries desperatly to "adjust". It was a prophacy of the end times in 1914 NOT the beginning... and now hasn't even that been "adjusted" even more to enable it to "fit" in current times.

    A truth does not need "adjusting" or " fixing" etc.....

  • SloppyJoe

    Well I haven't seen a punishment for the GB as SFPW indicated Moses received. Maybe they won't be allowed in heaven just like Moses didn't enter the promise land. What dya think SFPW?

  • TTATTelder

    Moses performed miracles that proved God's backing.

    Where are the GB miracles?

    I guess the miracle of it taking 6000 hrs of angel-directed field service to produce one baptism?

    I guess the miracle of not understanding who the FDS was until 2013?

    I guess the miracle of teaching a false 'generation' teaching to an entire generation of people?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    When my mom tried the "They're only imperfect humans." I readily agreed and asked, "So why should I continue to treat them like prophets? They have sat themselves in the seat of Moses and have brought JWs to the shore of the Red Sea for 100 years saying the water is going to part any day now. Does it even matter how many people are standing beside the water, waiting and trying to convince each other that their leaders are going to be right one day. They've been consistently WRONG in their predictions. Generations of JWs and WT leadership have died and they continually change their prophecies. Don't pretend otherwise, because I believed them and toed the line 100%, and what have I gotten? More empty promises and self-loathing for having wasted the youngest years of my life in obedience to "imperfect humans" who can't save me, you, your parents, or themselves. They're only humans who are pretending to be prophets and are demanding the unquestioning obedience... and financial support... of millions of unquestioning slaves."

    She couldn't argue that point.

  • whathappened

    The governing body thinks when they are right, they are right, and when they are wrong they are right, too.

    That attitude does not reflect the humility of Jesus Christ, who is head of the congregation. They have made a mockery of Jesus by their continual doctrinal changes and notorious false predictions about the end of this system of things. If Jesus is the head of the congregation, why can't they get things right the first time?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "why can't they get things right the first time?"

    Why can't they get things right the second time, or the third time, etc.?

  • LisaRose

    They ARE only human, sure, but then why do them put claim to be the faithful and discrete slave? Why did they put out an org chart, elevating themselves to a position right under God, above all other humans and cutting out Jesus all together? Why do they split families apart when one member chooses not to accept them as being better than any other man? Only human my a***.


    SFPW, actually it's not similar at all. You operate from the false premise that the GB is equivalent to Moses, they aren't. The " greater Moses " is Jesus. You should know that as a student of the bible. You need someone to tell you the " elementary things" again. You are attempting to compare apples to oranges, a common JW trait.

    If I was present when Moses was going to claim credit for the water at Meribah, I would have warned him not to do so, regardless of the consequences. Moses, being the meekest of men, would probably have listened, unlike the GB.

    Also, the events at Meribah occured after Korah's rebellion which the GB love referring to. Moses, was disciplined by God for his grevious error. I bet he would have loved to see the promised land. He could have if someone would have had the courage to speak up. So, again, your comparison falls apart under examination. Not only is your timing off, but you believe the GB is the greater Moses. Too bad you weren't around to kiss Moses' a** allowing him to sin.


  • DS211

    And even if that werent the case what DD brought up...moses was chosen by name, wrote many books of the bible...the ONE scripture in matt iswrongly applied to take a singular word "slave" and some how Make it mean a singular group of plural people....what a stretch.

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