Will The Noah Movie Wake Some Up to TTATT?

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  • jw07

    The trailer for the Noah blockbuster has been released (even Superman and Thor are more believable myths).


    Many JWs on my Facebook page are clamoring to go see it believe it or not. Others are pointing out the 'inconsistencies' with Watchtower doctrine.

    Having something visualized and plainly layed out before you is useful when dealing with unthinking persons.

    Do you think that seeing it will help some JWs to crtitically think about things they have read and glossed over? For instance, check out 1:25, where that mass of animals and insects are presented. I'm sure many haven't thought about the logistics of supposedly craming all the animals we know of today into one place, feeding them, cleaning filth, FEEDING CARNIVORES, catering to different types of diets, all done by 8 PEOPLE.

    By the way, you should research Utnapishtim.


  • problemaddict

    Why would it? Actually, it looks like a pretty sweet movie. i am sure it will just be picked apart on a few items that don't "match scripture". I am actually far more interested in the debate surrounding the tale by the world at large since it will clearly be a big movie.

    I guess nobody imagines that at some point Emma Watson will have to commit incest in order for them to promulgate the race.

  • steve2

    Waking up dullards is a worthy cause - but reality checks are also important. The stuff people believe in the cause of religious beliefs has never needed to be believable to be believed. The complementary mistake more rational thinkers make when appraising the nonsense peddled in the name of religion is that exposure to the evidence will correct superstitious beliefs. Perhaps for some the most rivetinng part of the story will be the depiction of Noah's daughters cavorting with their drunken father. Will you want popcorn with that - or lubricant?

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    They will be very excited that the ark in the movie is a box.

  • Vidiot

    Thanks for posting that; I still hadn't seen that trailer yet.

    My family and I are pretty irreligious at this point, but I'm totally gonna take them to see it, (Ridley Scott's Exodus next fall, too); hell, I'll probably buy it on Blu, 'cause - let's face it - the movie looks awesome (regardless of historical accuracy or otherwise).

    As for the "inconsistencies with WT doctrine", I have two things to say:

    1. Let the WTS produce a big-budget Biblical epic that is consistent with WT doctrine and see how good (or how commercially successful) it is...

    2. Just wait until the JW scripture-purists see how the film depicts the Nephilim!


    ...did I imagine it, or did the trailer briefly show what looked like an asteroid impact/meteor shower?

    It's funny, 'cause years ago, my Mom's best friend (staunch JW) thought that the Deluge might have been started that way, and all the dust that got thrown up from the impact would have mixed with the alleged "water canopy" and triggered mass precipitation...


    1. Let the WTS produce a big-budget Biblical epic that is consistent with WT doctrine and see how good (or how commercially successful) it is...

    They did. It was about the Prodigal Son..

    The WTBTS and Christ's Brothers cannot even make one film about Jesus in over 100 years..... That always strikes me as ironic.

    As far as the trailer is concerned, I had an emotional response seeing the Ark floating through the stormy seas. Indoctrination I guess. Then I thought, " Hey, where are all the dinosaurs and Nephilim shaking their fists at the Ark?" Hmm.. And were dinosaurs on the ARK??


  • d

    Some not all.

  • will-be-apostate

    It seems exciting. I still feel attacked when the script is differs a lot from the way Bible describes the story. "Indoctrination I guess" - DATA-DOG

  • cantleave

    They will see it as an historical documentary, reinforcing their position.

  • Comatose

    I just threw up... i could not see it. It woke me up to the fact that religion is hogwash. I couldn't watch it.

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