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  • stillin

    not being a very technical sort of person, I don't know what it is that makes the "results" from a web search change from day to day, but I have noticed this site sometimes on the first ten "results" and another time very close to the first "results."

    today it is the third result offered on my google search. First is the official JW website. Second is the Wikipedia web page. Then, breathing their hot, steamy breath down the back of the Society's neck is US!

    It seems somehow poetic that such a critically informative page as this would be so readily found if an "interested person" were to be using their computer to find anything out. It seems like God must have His hand in it...somehow.

  • nonjwspouse

    If using google, there are paid ways to get a website higher in the search results. I am POSITIVE in my mind the WT is paying for their site position.

  • whathappened

    The Wikipedia web page about Charles Taze Russell was a starting point for me. Follow the suggested links and you can find all the information you need to decide for yourself that the Watchtower Society cannot possibly be what they claim to be.

  • stillin

    The placement on the results list changes by the minute. Now it is in fourth place. But over the weekend it seems to move closer to the top, though never any closer than third from the top. So, does Simon pay for that or is it related to the number of "hits" that this page gets?

  • joe134cd

    I asked Simon how fast this was growing, and how many first time visits. It was a Hugh increase from when it first started. Perhaps Simon can give us the latest figures. Its not unusual to get a couple of newbies every week, and a tone of complaints, and I really don't know why. Jaja.

  • emeth

    @NonJW NEGATIVE the WT is not paying a cent


    @ Emeth...prove it. can't prove it either way because the WTBTS is not transparent with thier finances. If you can't verify it, then it can't be truth by the GB's own definition.. OOPS...


  • emeth

    @DATA-DOG i know for sure nothing is paid to Google or any other search engine. I know this from first hand info. Its a policy, they dont do advertising or promotions. They promote their own stuff. They have better things to do with money.

    But besides that just visit google and study how search results are produced. Also ask yourself why in other languages JW.ORG is not no.1 on the list in google (i mean if they had paid they would pop up there too as no.1). So again just read the google rules on how search results are produced. You will see that it is based on relevancy and traffic. Check or to get an indication of the traffic towards JW.ORG. Out of 50 million websites monitored by them JW.ORG is ranked about nr2000 of the worlds best visited sites.

    That means they get a lot of traffic a day. Combined with certain keywords/adwords this gives them a high ranking.

  • blondie
  • emeth


    As the link of Blondie shows only 10% of the traffic on JW.ORG is coming from search engines. 90% of the traffic is coming from direct visits (own promotion). It shows that JW.ORG is not depending on traffic from Google or engines like that.

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