Are YOU In A Good Place At This Point In Your Life?

by minimus 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • Ucantnome

    i'm married.

  • Jaidubdub

    I'm on a roller coaster ATM... Some days I'm angry at the lies I was told since I was born, angry how much i allowed them to take from me, but I also know that I'm also to blame because it was me that made the choices I did. other days I'm glad that at least I found out about the cover ups & the lies. Some days I'm frustrated at loved ones being sucked into this religion wondering if they only knew wot I do. But wot makes me really happy is seeing others show a small amount of doubt or cooling off in this religion. I just hope this starts to get easier...

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Life is better. My mind is my own. My future is my own. My anxiety disorder has disappeared.

  • happy@last
    [email protected]

    I am a whole lot better, am I in a good place though? Yes and No, I still need to save my kids from the cult.

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Yes. Without question.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    it's been five years and as i look back i think What a strange adventure that was. i was not raised in it so it was a bit easier to walk away once you realize you thought you saw something you tried it out but it was wrong. You just have to accept that you can't blame it on anybody but yourself. It's not the first mistake I've made in my life and it won't be the last but growth is all about learning from your mistakes and moving on. My relationship with jwn has changed over the years it's a helpful place and caters to wherever your at on the issue.

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