Not just JW's: 8 yr old boy murdered.

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  • dungbeetle

    We all here on this board that are advocates for child welfare keep getting slammed that we are simply JW bashers.

    Well aside from the fact that ti isn't true, here is something jsut to show it is CHILD ABUSE and CHILD ABUSERS we are attacking, I don't care what religion they are...

    APRIL 27, 22:48 ET
    Father Held in Son's Stabbing Death

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A man allegedly stabbed his 8-year-old son to death Saturday with a pocketknife, police said.

    George O'Hara, 33, was in custody Saturday night, charged with murder in the death of his son, Rory, authorities said.

    The boy was found with multiple stab wounds in a backyard near the father's residence, police Sgt. Alex Strong said. Strong declined to comment on a possible motive.

    The father was seen running away with blood on his clothes, Strong said. Police later recovered the pocketknife from him.

    It was not immediately clear if O'Hara had a lawyer.

    Police said the boy lived in Baltimore with his mother; he was visiting his father for the weekend with a younger sister.

    Neighbor Tishia Robinson said she saw the boy running away and crying, but she didn't realize the danger he was in.

    Nicole Lindsay, another neighbor, added: ``I saw the man coming out of the alley and his hands were still bloody.

    If there is any doubt that child abuse of any kind should be reported to authorities---this should put all those doubts aside.

    No one wakes up one morning and abuses their child to death. There usually--if not always--is a long slow process leading up to those final few terrified moments of a child's life.

    There are usually observable and identifiable and reportable signs that a family or child is in trouble. If intervention is obtained IMMEDIATELY, at a much earlier point in the abuse...

    a child like this could be saved.

  • siegswife

    I heard about that on the news tonight, dung, and it made me sick!! What the hell is wrong with these people? I could never imagine doing something like that to any child, not even considering my own. It is absolutely horrible the depths of depravity that some people allow themselves to sink to. I just can't imagine what would allow someone to do that.

  • dungbeetle

    People that scream for pedophiles to not summarily be turned over to authorities have not not read up very much on the subject. (or maybe they have and that is even worse)

    Read the book "Wolves Among Sheep". Anderson murdered his wife and stepchildren AFTER he had abused at least the daughter. If his abuse had been reported 'immediately' (it's my guess that the wife was beginning to suspect 'something' although the book isn't clear on that) those children might be alive today.

    We will not forget...

  • waiting

    Howdy Dung,

    I've learned much from your posts, and appreciate them. However, sometimes you make inaccurate statements - just like the rest of us.

    We all here on this board that are advocates for child welfare keep getting slammed that we are simply JW bashers.
    Not "all" of us have been slammed as simply JW bashers. Not all of us have been slammed, in reality. Some of us have just discussed back & forth.......a discussion forum. To be able to do that with such a touchy subject should be applauded, not condemned, imho. Like trying to deal with the subject of racisim with mixed races responding....touchy, but workable.

    I would almost guarantee that not one person on this forum or in the Real World, who is not overly sick or perverse, would not be for advocating child welfare - particularily for the dead boy that you recount above.

    It's a sickening, sorrowful, account - and has been going on with children since children have been begat. They are the most defenseless of humans, and as such, easy prey to anger, sickness & perversion.

    But using that account to slam another poster's argument is black/white. All child abuse is wrong - correct statement. What to do after that? Open to much speculation, and depends upon the situation - child abuse can range from "yelling at a child" to "inappropriate fondling" to stabbing a child to death, and then some things.

    If we can't learn to discuss it without slamming the other side (and the other poster) - then we weaken ourselves. Why? We don't learn to articulate our own thoughts and arguments as we only discuss them with people who agree with us. We could end up parroting each other. That's one reason lawyers are so good - they learn to listen to the other side - to be able to argue their side better by looking for flaws before they're talking in front of a jury.

    The Devil's Advocate position has much merit. The government & private business sector pays people to be in that position so that both sides will be recognized......and flaws, or irrational thinking, can be found before the bomb is dropped in the wrong place.


    ps: Just watched the movie "Fraility" - it might trigger, but a fascinating movie on what parents can do to a child.

  • DakotaRed

    Regardless of religion, these people are a threat and need to be removed from society.

    If God's Spirit is filling a Kingdom Hall, how is it that Satan can manuever the ones within that Kingdom Hall at the same time?

  • waiting

    Where do you remove ALL these people to? Do you kill them all? Feed them all for the rest of their lives?

    Do we put them into good, expensive, therapy programs? Who pays? If we do that, shouldn't we do the same for victims - pay? Run that by the government and private HMO's. And several months doesn't constitute effective therapy for a good amount of victims.

    If the molesters go through good, expensive, therapy programs while "put away" - that the government (us) paid for, what guarantee does the community have that they won't reoffend? Do we keep ALL molesters in jail for the rest of their lives?

    As one poster brought out, a government program to educate children to speak out early would help - who pays? Who pays to help educate adults on how NOT to beat their kids, etc. A really effective program, btw.

    Are you willing to start a movement with your own highly increased taxes to pay for this? If so, I'll be interested in reading your proposal, and it's consequences.


  • dungbeetle

    My statement is accurate and I leave it stand as is.

    1) >We all here on this board that are advocates for child welfare keep getting slammed that we are simply JW bashers. <

    2) What part of this is not accurate. IN PRINT we have been slammed---we have been called--as a collective group--- JW bashers.
    I can start going through the board and do the copy/paste to prove it to you...and I can start pulling up Watchtower articles to prove the same. Can't imagine having to do that.

    You are not aware that posters to this forum call us JW bashers--in prinicple if not in those exact words--

    You are not aware that when Watchtower talks about apostates and opposers that are out to 'ruin the good name' yadaya they are referring to us? Among others?

    You are not aware that when Watchtower says to stay off the internet, they are referring to JW.Com among others? (silentlambs and AJWRB as well).

    Well who did you think they were referring to (as recently as the May 15 2002 Watchtower)?

    The man in the moon?

  • dungbeetle

    Yes, let's kill them. Fine with me.

    It is definetly cheaper to keep burying the children's bodies than put their abusers away. Heck, the kids don't even take up that much room.

    Two to a grave to save space, waddya think?

  • DakotaRed
    Where do you remove ALL these people to? Do you kill them all? Feed them all for the rest of their lives?

    Yes, some deserve to forfeit their lives. Remove them to swank country club like prisons? Why do those places even exist? No convict should live better than their victims.

    But, what do you propose? Leave them alone to prey on our children? Maybe breed a few kids exclusively for them? What? Do you honestly want those type of lowlifes walking amongst the rest of us?

    For one, I don't really believe in rehabilitation anymore. Granted, it sometimes works, but the cases I have been familiar with, it didn't work. Personally, I think prisons should be so horrible that any sent there would never wish to return. That, might "rehabilitate" some. For the rest, if you cannot stomach the death penalty, leave them stranded on a island somewhere in the middle of the ocean with some farm tools and seeds to grow their own food.

    For lesser infringements, I think chain gangs should be brought back. At least they would do a service to the community while serving their sentence.

    If God's Spirit is filling a Kingdom Hall, how is it that Satan can manuever the ones within that Kingdom Hall at the same time?

  • waiting

    lol, so much for a reality check. If we're fantasizing about punishment.......I'm sure any (including me) victim/survivor would surprise you in what we've done to our abusers in our mind.

    Even my therapist raised her eyebrows at me saying "You DO realize the difference between fantasy and reality, don't you?" after I told her what I did to my dad and mom - nightly, for months on end.

    But I do recognize that it's not reality. I may wish a lot of things, but that doesn't actually solve much except ease some of my anger through visualization of my dad's gruesome anguish as I gut him and let the dogs eat his intestines as he watches. Oh, I do the same to my mother too......and made all the neighbors watch because my parents were so secretative for all those years.

    But he died of a bad death of cancer - and I wasn't too sad about it years later. But in reality, I doubt if I would have ever been physically violent against him.

    As for ALL of us who don't advocate the raping and killing of children? Naaaaaaaa, I don't think we've all been bashed. I think some of our views have been counter-viewed, even picked apart. But so what? If our viewpoints are balanced and valid - they will stand. We can do research and actually educate ourselves and those reading the discussion. Present some facts to back up our views.

    If our views aren't balanced and valid - perhaps we should refine them? It will make our discussions more powerful for the next round - as more kids will be raped and will die as we live in a highly imperfect society with not many practical solutions to this massive, inter-generational, inter-racial, totally interwoven problem.

    Btw, if we start killing them all, at what age do we start? 10? Younger or older? My brother started making my daughter have oral sex with him at the ripe age of approx 13 - kill him then? What if he was just a stupid, pathic, angry, little kid who had been raped & beaten by his father, dismissed by his mother, now his father dead of cancer.....and his mother REALLY didn't want "the brat" around......and he took his anger out on the next power down the line. My daugher - as I had him over to my house quite a bit during my dad's sickness.

    Just because I don't advocate killing them all - doesn't mean that I feel we should let all the kids die. That's so lacking definition of argument as to be unanswerable. Absolute black/white. Kill them/kill kids.


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