Christadelphians (Christ brothers/Sisters)

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  • cofty

    Why the need for a group? There is no useful moral guidance to be found in any religious group.

    What's wrong with just raising them to be ethical, intelligent, independent thinkers?

  • Rip

    They will lack that social and civil dimention which is learnt practically not theoretically, by associating with other people. That is where a safe group comes in.

  • confusedandalone

    " They will lack that social and civil dimention which is learnt practically not theoretically, by associating with other people. That is where a safe group comes in."

    Rp I struggled with these same thoughts. I have 2 kids as well that I wasworried about.

    Howver I have learned to let my kids start associating with kids in the neighboorhood, at school and various other places. It has proved to be the best experience. At a church or group there tends to be forced association. Tey make friends with like minded people who have very limited windows of the outside world.

    My daughters current best friend is a young caucasian girl who's family is Pentecostal. They don't discuss religion... they just play.

    Neiter of them wants to do drugs.

    Yet she has another friend who has never been to church. She also is a wonderful kid and they discuss all sorts of things that I assumed kids did not care about.

    Variety is the spice of life and leads to well-rounded children. Puting your kids in a group of people with similar thoughts will leave them with a limited window and outlook on life and in turn they will be completely stunted like many of us here are today. Personally I hope my children are not going to be Bble thumpers. I ant them to try and better themselves through education and understanding church and the bible are things that seperate as opposed to unite.

    Do yourself a favor and read the bible cover to cover without trying to make excuses for the actions of GOD and his people. Withut the constant need of having a future life of bliss and focus on the one now. My daughter was a huge link to me understanding this. When I told her I wasno longer going to be a Jehovahs Witess she was glad because she thought he was mean... an 8 year old at the time using her common sense brought me to mine

    In regards to " That is where a safe group comes in."

    Religious groups are the least safe places for children if you actually think about that

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  • steve2

    Rip, take thine blinders off and get away from both the frypan and the fire.

    There are websites for ex-Christadelphians.

    This group, among other things, poorly anticipated its own demise and has struggled to stay relevant to the ever-changing world.

    Of relevance for you, the broad types of problems we see among those leaving JWs are not - repeat not - dissimilar to those leaving the Christadelphians. You have been warned.

  • blondie
  • cofty

    They will lack that social and civil dimention


    What social skills will they learn in Watchtower lite?

  • L3G

    There was an article on the Christadelphians, and not a bad one either as I recall, in an old WT or Awake! (60s-70s??). I don't have the WT CD Rom, but maybe somebody else here can give you the reference.

    Also the producer of the Emphatic Diaglott, the NT Greek interlinear that Russell used and Witnesses in general used until the Kingdom Interlinear came out, Bejamin Wilson, was reputed to have been a Christadelphian or have had Christadelphian leanings. They do not believe in the personality of Satan and the demons. Rather they are some sort of evil principle. Nor do they believe in Jesus' pre-existence. I can't remember the other differences between them and JWs, sorry.

  • jgnat

    Free play in the neighbourhood is great and is vastly underrated. I had the pleasure of listening to a free-play session out my window. They were playing "dinosaur". A small dispute erupted over the existence/non-existence of a certain type of dinosaur. They then worked out what sort of dinosaur ate the other. This generation wants to be correct! LOL.

  • Rip

    thnks to all you heped me tame my path. now it s smooth

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