Christadelphians (Christ brothers/Sisters)

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  • Rip

    Thank you Moggy Lover


  • Phizzy

    What exactly do you mean by your son's "spiritual safety" ? do you mean that you wish to impose upon them views that they might well find not only to be erroneous, but repugnant in years to come ?

    Surely it is best to concentrate on bringing them up to be good citizens of the world because they are human. Belief in unfounded, baseless imaginary things is not "spiritual security", you are prey to the next bunch of people selling their brand of religion who have a better presentation , or are more comfortable.

    Real security comes from solid proof that your way of life is good. Religion is not only not needed for this, but usually stops you from doing good in some area of life.

    As Dawkins rightly says "Religion poisons everything".

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Just one more group that emerged out of the wreckage of William Miller's failed propheies of 1844.


  • emeth

    @moggy lover

    moggy said

    9. They do not stress the door-to-door work, rightly viewing it as grossly inefficient for proselylising.

    Ah so that must be the reason why (although the religion of the christadelphians is older) there are about 50,000-60,000 (active and inactive) of them walking on the surface of the earth compared with 'only' 7,8 million JW active publishers and 19 million JW visitors.

  • Phizzy

    Dear emeth, numbers alone prove little, there may well be other reasons why their growth has been so small in comparison to the Cults, like the SDA's, LDS and JW's. Retention of children growing up in the faith may be even worse than in the WT for example.

    Just a question for JW/WT apologists.

    If you were Jesus and choosing your FDS etc in 1919 and were choosing between Rutherford's B.S and the Christadelphians, which would you choose ? and please explain the choice.

  • unstopableravens

    rip: the problem with jw , mormons al so many others is they have two choices when it comes to belief. comform theier beliefs to the bible or conform the bible to there beliefs. dont fall into the same trap. the wt twist proof text and lies to teach that jesus is not God. when the bible clearly does teach that jesus is God. when a religion is wrong about who christ is they will be wrong on so many other doctrines.

  • Rip

    Phizzy thanks for your contr.

    In a parent perspective "my spritual safety"="my children's safety. That is why i need to make informed decision


  • cofty

    Millions of people raise children safely, with admirable moral and ethical standards, but without superstitious beliefs.

  • Rip

    thank you Cofty

  • confusedandalone

    "This is decided for the sake of my children (two sons)'s spritual safety."

    If you don't mind me asking how old are your children? Maybe you could ask them how they feel about selecting what religious group they would like to look into. Afterall, whatever you pick will shape their lives the same way that the JW's did. Are they at a point where such a life altering decision should be made with their thoughts taken into consideration?

    Again to impos a belief system on a person is a very weighty responsibility and one that can alter their lives for good or bad

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