Do you give thanks for every meal?

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  • kjg132

    Prayer is personal, there are no "requirements". In my opinion, thankfullness to our creator is a virtue. If you have done something generous for someone you love, does it matter how many times or when they say thank you? It feels good to be appreciated but people have different ways of showing their appreciation, there are no rules about thankfulness.

  • blondie

    Did the Jews pray over every meal?

  • Terry
  • redvip2000

    If you thank god you give him credit for providing your food. He therefore also gets the blame for the starving.

    Excellent point. Amazing how often we don't even stop to think of these things for a minute. It seems our imaginary friend in the sky, insists on providing food in regions where there is already and abundance of it, while refusing to drop a bag of grain where it's most needed.

    It's because of this that when i sit down for a meal, i close my eyes and pray to Joe, the owner of the market down the street, for helping put food on the table.

  • NewYork44M

    It was always fun to watch my brethren at mealtime during various conventions. Every one of these folks gave their very visible "silent prayer" with heads bowed and a look of false sincerity.

  • redvip2000


    BTW, i just printed this picture and hung on one of the walls on my cublcle....priceless.. lol

  • designs

    We had a extended family dinner here at home and I knew several where still believers so I asked if anyone would say "Thanks", my 4 year old grandson loudly annouced "THANKS! everybody busted up.

  • 144001

    I give thanks at every meal, to the person who prepared it. If I prepared it, I thank myself by opening a good bottle of wine and treating myself to a few glasses.

  • clarity

    Wow the ritual of prayer every time we eat, really bothered me!


    Not that I wasn't thankful to have a meal ... but it felt so

    awkward most of the time. Eating in a cafe was torture!

    Especially being with sanctimonius witnesses...head down

    ...silence ...trying to time it just right...getting the emotional

    face just right, as you come up for air!!

    Omg I am so glad to be done with it!


  • USofWhatever

    only to the person who prepared it - god had as little to do with providing and preparing the food as he does in stepping in to end world hunger, genocide etc...

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