I think they're trying to shake off the Watchtower...

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    I remember being told if I used the Truth book to study with someone that would be apostasy!

    That is the book the witnesses studied with me!

    I agree that they will eventually phase out the Awake! First go Bi-monthly, then quarterly, then EPUB only.

    They are cutting back on books- the only one that still gets offered in campaigns door-to-door is the Bible Teach book.

    I remember when we had many books we placed door to door.

    Now they want tracts, and memorial & convention invitations placed counted on FS reports with brochures.

    I'm guessing they want to keep track of how many copies are actually being placed so they don't overprint supplies to the congregations.

    No doubt as time goes on more tracts will be featured door to door and we will see fewer and fewer new books published.

    They could have the km printed by the pubs and elders could print out copies for those who can't print their own.

    They could be creating another organization and transfer funds to that one to keep them safe from lawsuits.

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