We are not trees

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  • zeb

    You wont change them. Think of the hell people like C.Conti go through to win a legal case. The wts is all has as a modus operandi being an "adversary". If they could ever say "oops we got it wrong, we run ahead of the scriptures, we have a monumental ego and control freek nature"... then all the distress that is revealed on this site and I gather a score of others and the many crushing court cases would never occur.

    Asking you to put it in writing is a sleazy tactic and is getting you to make a bat for them to bash you with and further as you are already (to them) a lost soul, to frighten the be-geepers out of the rest of the mob and keep them in line.

    If you must go down this 'legalistic' path suggest the elders to do the writing and I guarentee this you will NEVER EVER hear back from Bethel.

    Jesus was once set apon by a mob. He walked away leaving them in confusion. Please do the same. Your wife has every reason to be distressed as she will be seen as a part of a defective 'arrangement' and suffer accordingly.

    Tomorrow evening take her out to a nice dinner and buy her a nice neclace and dont mention this business at all for she deserves your loyalty affections and protection to your utmost strength more than the wts deserves a spec of consideration.

    Rant over.

  • Rip

    Thank you sspo and Zeb

  • Rip

    Zeb I talked to her now she is on my side thank you for your thought

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