We are not trees

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  • Rip

    Got a stengthening committee coming in yesterday and I lashed down the bomb.

    Honestly, without fear I pointed out all contradictons with reference to the July 15 watchtower,

    The first article about sheep and goats, killing the year 1914 (that was a good move) and then ressussitating it in the next article about wheat and weeds( I said this is an irresponsible writing) and attempting to re emphasize it in the rest of the following article. Outrageous, dishonest and irresponsible. If they consider the readers they should check coherence in their writing.I said whoever writes this should remember

    The two articles were totally contradictory. As both were talking about Jesus parables on the same topic of separation of good from evil, it is not fair to say this one started 1914 the other one didn't.

    A lot of doctrinal matter was pounded. Their argument was It came from the FDS and I said Whoever claims to be the FDS is not the Bible nor Jesus and beside it is a responsibility of each and everyone in an office of trust to be faithful and discreet but not his responsibility to brag about it. Only Jesus is he who has the last word and a judge. I requested them to read some verses about it in the Bible, they refused.

    The committee stayed dumb and I could see their lack of argument. They told me to write it down and the will submit it to the headquarters. Do you think it is of any help to write? My next possibile step is to shun them and their meetings but my wife is not happy with it.

    We are not trees

  • zeb

    Stay tuned. My guess is they will be told to "shun" y-o-u.

  • Rip

    thank you Zeb

  • Rip

    How about if i shun them first?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Are they a bit thick? Short term memory problems? Lazy? Iliterate? Too busy? They are supposed to be the 'shepherds', so let them write to 'Mother' to get sensible answers to relay to you. Lay a guilt trip on them if they try to weasel their way out of doing their job.

    Why would you want to talk to them anyway? What good could you reasonably expect to come from it?

    Would you be better to ask your wife the questions and let her do the hard work to answer them? If you do that, don't go for overload. One really good question that affects her, not you, that you already know the answer for, or trickery for, is always better than tossing the whole garbage can at a JW.

  • Xanthippe

    They want you to write it down so they can use it as evidence of you apostasy Rip. They are not trying to help you, they are keeping the congregation 'clean' from people like us who dare to ask questions. Sorry you are going through this, I know what hell it is.

  • Vidqun

    Yes I agree with Xanthippe. I also spelt out my doubts to the CO, to do with UN/OSCE. He "encouraged" me to write a letter to Bethel. The letter came back through the local branch: "No comment." Next step was a JC and disfellowshipping as an apostate. The pronouncement at the KH: So-and-so does not want to be a Witness anymore. So yes, I'm afraid they are setting you up for a fall. Everything of the best!

  • Rip

    thank you guys

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I agree, they want you to put the noose around your own neck here, dont play their games.

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence ... make them do the leg work, not you.

  • sspo

    Start missing meetings and fade.....don't allow them the satisfaction to DF you. Even threaten them with a lawsuit if they try. They know you are right in your questioning and reasoning

    but they are doing their job given to them by the mafia leaders in New York..

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