Blood sausage

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  • besty

    when you been brought up on this:

    then this is no problem:

    black pudding is an occasional breakfast treat for me, part of enjoying it is its yummy and part 'forbidden fruit'

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    A Puerto Rican version of blood sausage (morcilla... pronounced "molsiya")

    Has some rice in it... awesome tasting... I think I'll have some today.... thanks for posting this!

  • stillin

    Mountain oysters, anyone?

  • RobCrompton

    Lois, yes black pudding is fairly popular but you probably wouldn't get that full traditional breakfast in most homes, except perhaps at weekends as a special treat. If you stay in an English hotel and ask for a full English breakfast, that's what you will get. No need for a biglunch that day! Sunflower oil is usually used for frying though lard was used when I was a kid.

  • besty

    fried bread is a seriously guilty pleasure - maybe get a tattie scone involved as well

    note the square sausage to the right - sometimes known as Lorne sausage - look no further than this picture to see why Scotland is the heart attack capital of the world - although I believe there may be signs of improvement recently

  • LucidChimp

    Those pics have me droolin'.

    Must... not... lick... monitor screen.

    Mmmmmm, electrical.

  • cofty

    Besty - Lorne sausage in a roll with HP sauce and a mug of tea = heaven.

  • Bruja-del-Sol

    Years ago, when I was still in, I went to an Irish pub (in the Netherlands) with my family. We ordered their regular meal, with things like sausages, beans in tomato sauce, mashed potatoes... and the menu also said 'black pudding'. Now you must know that the word 'pudding' in Dutch means 'dessert'. So we figured 'black pudding' is some kind of desert. We ate our meal. And there were some round 'thingies' on our plates which the children didn't like, and my (then) husband and I thought it tasted a bit weird with a lot of clove but we just ate it (that's probably Dutch... you eat what you've paid for )

    When we finished our meal we were waiting for the dessert... but it never came. So we asked the waitress "we're waiting for the black pudding"... and then she said "you've had it!"... We probably looked really stupid, but then all of a sudden it 'hit us'... those weird 'thingies'... that was the black pudding! And then it started dawning to us that we might have been eating blood... We asked the waitress what 'black pudding' is made of... and to our disgust she said 'blood' (amongst other ingredients which we didn't hear anymore!). I had to do my utter best not to vomit in the middle of the pub!!

    As I said, we were still JW's, so we felt very guilty for a while, but we really had no idea, so who could blame us??

    Ever since I have never had black pudding, blood sausage or anything like that again. I do eat liver every now and then, and I love a medium rare steak, but that one experience with black pudding has made an impression!

    Luckily my new husband doesn't like it either...

  • besty

    the moral of the story is don't go to irish pubs outside of ...erm....Ireland?

    cofty - yep true dat or you may also like - haggis, egg (fried) and cheese with brown sauce on a roll - now that would put anyone to an early grave...

  • Bruja-del-Sol

    Oh gosh... haggis... Ate that too once... when I was sixteen and my father took me to a Scottish club in London... Only the smell of it made me feel sick, let alone the taste... YUK!

    I love Ireland and the Irish, I'm very fond of Scotland and the Scottish, but some things on their menus are way too much for me...

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