Who are doing Jehovahs will" Brochure sections 3 and 4

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  • KateWild

    DS- In our KH those scriptures were used to tell us not to get corrupted by Xmas. He also said we souldn't leave kids in front of the telly unatteneded, just incase peppa pig was wearing a Santa hat probs. The telly is very dangerous like poison. He also used a poison yellow sign to drive home how bad telly and Xmas can be.

    Kate xx


    No need to bother Emeth. We don't need to waste time memorizing counterfeit money, we just need to know what is true and cast out the rest.

    There is no way to KNOW the pronunciation of God's name. If GOD wanted us to know it, then he would have preserved the pronunciation via holy spirit. If any " lost truth " were to be re-discovered ( LOL!!), you would think that God's name would be one of them! Instead the WT accurately states that JEHOVAH (tm) is less accurate than even YAHWEH, and even YAHWEH is a guess. Also, JEHOVAH (tm) does not occur anywhere in any of the OLDEST EXTANT MSS. Once you realize that JEHOVAH (tm) is a brand name, like Nike or Pepsi, the rest is easy.

    Also, why would Christ's brothers, leaders of the ONE TRUE RELIGION, need to lie or deceive or misquote sources in an effort to prove that JEHOVAH(tm) is God's name, especially when they have already admitted that it is unknown? Think of it this way. If you were in a court of law, and had sworn on the Bible to tell the truth, what would say if the Judge asked you, " Is JEHOVAH God's name?" Be honest now, God is watching...


    There is no lie in truth. It's that simple.


  • jhine

    So , let's get this straight , there are two Watchtowers . One , the one like wot I saw is for weekdays and public consumption , the other is for Sundays and the eyes of the initiated only . If I now have this correct I think that I have been "mislead " . I asked one of the ladies at the study if that Watchtower was the only one they studied and was told yes , there is nothing hid from the public . This is why I wanted a definitive answer to my question so that I can call her out on this .


  • Stand for Pure Worship
    Stand for Pure Worship

    After studying the Jeremiah book for the past year, it is going to be a bit of an adjustment with this brochure.

  • Laika


    The study Watchtowers are available for anyone to download on the JW.org website so aren't hidden but are not given out on ministry.

    The public Watchtower is for ministry only and not studied at meetings. What you saw was not a Watchtower but a brochure. It's confusing I know!

  • DS211

    Phizzy youre right..this brochure does touch a whole whole lot on the FDS thus far because its meant for D2D..if good people new all the inner techniques and that the nT wasnt meant for them theyd run for the hills. In fact if you notice right after the new Bible release they came off the FDS drilling a little...to reach and pull people in.

    I cant take much more of it

  • clarity

    Jan ...it has been awhile since I could actually look at these mags

    without barrffing but ...there are 3 watchtowers:


    1. a simplified version....for "field service" for the language impaired.


    2. a regular version...with bad stuff left out ...for "field service".


    3. a study version...with bad stuff in.. to keep up the brainwashing.


    If this has changed plse correct!


  • Island Man
    Island Man

    What I found utterly hypocritical is that while these sincere bible students "rediscovered" bible truth through their independent bible study group, the JW organization today discourages JWs from having such independent bible study groups. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    I was also wondering to myself if studying the bible in a topical manner is actually the best way. I mean, shouldn't the bible be studied in the way it's written - in context. If you're just going to come up with an arbitrary topic and scan the bible for phrases on that specific topic, wouldn't you be looking at the bible with a kind of tunnel vision that can cause you to be misled about a what a particular verse actually means because of your not considering the particular wider context in which it's used? Sometimes the immediate, local meaning of a verse or phrase is limited and peculiar to the surrounding context. If you're searching the bible in "topic tunnel mode" you could land on that verse and accept the local, limited meaning as being absolute and universal and come away with the wrong idea. "Topic tunnel mode" of study leaves you more open to taking things out of context. It's better to carefully read the bible book by book, carefully following the flow of thought of the writer.

  • Listener

    Jan, have a look at the link to the org's website that provides these magazines online. You will see the Watchtower listed in different versions for the same month (and with different front covers)


  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    The Time came for Jehovah to reveal the truth.

    In 1874 (riiiiiiight) a small group of truth seekers fulfilled the beginning of Dan 12:4 about true knowledge becoming abundant in the last days. They exposed things that were unscriptural like trinity (even though Bible students still wordhipped Jesus till after 1914), hellfire, etc. and Jehovah blessed them with spiritual insight!!!

    If that is true then how in hell could there not be a faithful and discreet slave from 1874 then! this quote gives the total lie to their self-serving pathetically stoopid 1919 FDS appointment creed

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