Who are doing Jehovahs will" Brochure sections 3 and 4

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    Let's review: IT'S A CULT!!

    So let me get this straight.. A non-FDS Catholic monk discovered God's name, one of the identifying marks of the one true religion. Non-FDS Bible Students rediscovered lost truths by letting the bible interpret itself and then made the truth widely known? Sounds like they were interpreting scripture and distributing spiritual food, an assignment that ONLY the FDS/GB can undertake according to nu-lite. It's so Orwellian, it boggles the mind.

    Here is the tri-pod foundation on which the WTBTS is built.

    1) God's name being taught. [ JEHOVAH ]

    2) No Trinity or Hell [ proper understanding of the Trinity needed to make argument.], [ Hell- who has died and come back? Can't prove or disprove]

    3) World-wide preaching [ Preaching what? If it doesn't meet the criteria for truth, it doesn't matter, also MANY religions preach God's Kingdom]

    Remove any one of those supports and what happens? There is only one foundation or rock on which to build, and the WTBTS will collapse for ignoring it.


  • jhine

    thanks DS and DD . BTW ya'll can call ma Jan


  • gingerbread

    The idea that a "small group of truth seekers fulfilled Bible prophecy" (C.T. Russell and the early Bible Students) through honest study of the Bible found the truth of God's word is a 'not-so-true' distortion of historical fact.

    Research the following people:

    William Miller

    Ellen G. White

    Henry Grew

    George Storrs

    John Nelson Darby

    Henry Dunn

    Jonas Wendell

    George Stetson

    Nelson Barbour

    William Henry Conley

    These people were the originators of the doctrines and beliefs promoted by Charles Russell - and are used today by Jehovah's Witnesses. Most of what we believe - basic, core beliefs - came from these people.


  • jhine

    o.k. I have traced the cause of my confusion . A thread was started by notsurewheretogo (wrong question , but never mind ) about the Jan 15th 2014 Watchtower entitled "Let Your Kingdom Come " I asked if that Watchtower was available to jo public and Black Sheep described it as a Study Edition and indeed the front cover said Study Edition so I summised that Study Editions were different from the ones used for handing out on doorsteps etc .


  • Phizzy

    Public editions are just bland nonsense. the Study Editions contain the mind-control and real Culty stuff for the already entrapped, far too embarrassing for the Public to see.

  • wearewatchingyouman

    Yeah, that's all fine and dandy, but Jehovah isn't the name of God. It's a title. invented using the Tetragrammaton and the vowels from Adonai.

  • Laika


    This is from a brochure being studied at the midweek meeting, not a Watchtower magazine which is studied on a Sunday.

    The Sunday study Watchtower is for JWs only, this brochure is for 'starting bible studies' with potential converts. JWs are studying this brochure to help familiarise themselves with the content for use on their ministry.

  • emeth

    for all of you commenting on the name of God see this study (and the conclusion) made by hebrew speaking Jews


  • DS211

    Oh wait i almost forgot! Somewhere during the meeting they discussed SPECULATION and how its dangerous. Oh right it was the number 3 talk on why we should not pay attention to false storiesor something. Speaker said this organization and the Bible student did not speculate but let the Bible interpret itself. The scriptures used were 1 tim 1:3,4; and 2 tim 4:3,4. Lol whose specukated more than the JWs and Wt?

  • wearewatchingyouman

    Very interesting Emeth. It seems like a new curve ball is thrown everyday when it comes to biblical scholarship. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to look into this further.

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