Why do some JW`s get married multiple times ? Isnt that an indictment against jw beleifs ?

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  • ruderedhead

    Interesting thread. Made me think. Woman who studied with me, who was VERY judgmental,(and whose kids were brats) married 3xs. All ended in divorce. Woman(jw) I met when I moved to new congo, who got me into network marketing (what was I thinking?), also married & divorced 3x. Several others as well. Some middle age, some in their 20's. Might be a conversation point if I ever run into a witness. Ther rarely come to my door, tho. And when I see one in public,which is rare, usually they ignore me. Not sure if its on purpose, or it's just been so long.

  • FirstLastName

    I am thinking of the JW friends I had in my teens and early 20's - and they are ALL divorced - myself included.

    I think its a combination of getting married to young, poor education, lack of social skills and a bad organization.

  • jam

    I know of three instance where three elders were DF (adultery) in

    different congregations. All three are elders today, all within the last

    10 years. And what is so odd the sisters that they committed the act with

    are still in the same congregation and are are elders today.

    My brother (elder) told me there was a trend some years ago where

    brothers where getting DF (adultery), marry the sister get reinstated

    and appointed as a elder within a short period.

    My sister passed and within a year her husband married her best

    friend. The kicker, she is my son-in-law mother. Small world.

  • ShirleyW

    Congregation I grew up in had a brother that's been DF'd 4 or 5 times, his modus operandi was, get Df'd, reinstated and hooks up with new girlfriend and gets married then a few years later get divorced and Df'd again, repeat process.

  • jam

    What I don't understand is when people are DF for the same

    reason (adultery) over and over get reinstated and marry some clueless

    brother or sister. They can,t believe the BS. Why not go outside of the

    borg and find someone. I knew a sister that had been DF 4 or 5 times, her

    employer was making advances toward her. She had feelings for the guy, but

    he wasn't a JW. So what happen, the sister get involved with a married elder

    and both get DF. The first time for the Elder, the sister her 5th or 6th time.

    A year later she is reinstated. Go figure.

  • designs

    When I was an Elder I walked into to many homes and saw the husband and wife at each other with broken furniture and food thrown all around and sometimes they were holding knives on each other.

    I think the only things they had in common were the Wt. religion and a major case of the McHorny needing to be scratched.

  • jam

    LOL, A case of the McHorny.

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