Why are they so quick to shun?

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  • Crazyguy

    Cedars story made me wonder why are parents and loved ones so quick to shun?? I mean it can be shown biblically that only people that do not believe in Jesus as the Messiah are apostates. Thessalonians tells us to keep admonishing one as a 'brother' and Jesus christ himself said to love your enemies. So why can not loved ones get these points???????

  • emeth

    why do you think they do?

  • gingerbread

    Because the majority of current Jehovah's Witnesses are not students of the Bible. They follow the direction of the Governing Body (the Faithful and Discreet Slave) by reading and studying the publications of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (the Organization).

    The GB says to shun (no talking, no greetings, no meals, no visits, no phone calls, no letters, no emails, no text messages, etc) any member (or former member) who no longer abides by the 'rules' set forth in the Organizations publications.

    If any active member ignores these 'rules' they will be shunned (by family, friends and any Witnesses in the congregation/circuit/district/country/world).

    No compromising. Not a personal matter. Period.


  • Xanthippe

    In my experience being told to shun is what all dysfunctional families have been waiting for. Better than the new system. Let's hope they get well soon.

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  • Legacy


    Because it has not been done to them...I have a friend who was a witness...she has a big family..some were witnesses & some were muslims, buddhist, etc..So when some became witnesses they shunned part of the famiy that were not witnesses, well, down the line some became muslims & they don't mix company either...well don't you know, who were the ones complaining saying, Cousin so & so won't associate with us now that they are muslims, so my friend said..."WELL DIDN'T YOU DO THE SAME THING" ? They got quiet. Most of the time folks are a certain way until it happens to them. There is a saying..."it's always the thief that screams the loudest"...case in point with the witnesses...they like to say & do things to people but when it's done to them, they make a big stink...Folks like to shun, because it makes them feel good about themselves, because they think they are in a safe space. What also boggles the mind is when folks agree with DF'ing...what would make a person feel good about that, why? Because it's not them, at the time..it's like going to a church where they preach heaven & hell & find out, there is no hell & then get mad because there is no punishment...what type of people are they really. Yes, it may be scriptually based, but I feel bad about it, hope it doesn't to me or anyone else. It shouldn't make a person feel good because DF'ing & shunning is in the bible...that's just mean...ummm...a thought, many witnesses might just be that before they were witnesses...Mean spirited...

    Jesus was moved to pity...& we are to imitate him....I digress.



    I like what Unstoppableravens said to his kid, " Daddy love the Bible and Mommy loves the Watchtower." How true! Those who are quick to shun are men-pleasers, and fearful people who worship what they do not know. They are actually materialistic people. They profess a spiritual outlook, but they worship a Corporation. They are ignorant and too afraid to face truth, because to do so would mean swallowing their pride. They are actually not humble, but prideful people, afraid to be wrong. Therefore any dissent must be met with a united front, or even a preemptive strike! If the Minority Report comes in on YOU as a JW, you are guilty before you have committed a crime.

    All shunning stems from fear. Fear of being wrong, fear of death, fear of the unknown. Jws fear NOT having an answer for everything so much, that they will invent answers, even though they contradict God's own word. We all know that there is no fear in love. SO what does that tell you about the ORG??


  • gma-tired2

    Why do they shun? They shun because they have been convinced this a kind and loving thing to do. They shun because they have been taught this pleases Jehovah. They shun because they fear of being disfellowshiped themselves. I have had this discussion with two different family members, they cannot discuss in a reasonable manner because they both went into panic mode. Brainwashing in a cult works.

  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    It is part of the indoctrination. It is my belief that JWs are taught to NOT create meaningful relationships with anyone, particularly their families. In that way, it is easier to cut the ties when the time comes and eventually in some way or another it comes. It all starts with the "we are privileged" mentality. The "special" insight into spiritual things that moves JW's to criticize or look down on every other religion as foolish or evil. With that mindset, than it moves to "I am more special than you." And if "I am more special than you" then "you" don't really matter now do you?

    Father to DF'd daughter: How can you be so selfish?

    daughter: why do you listen to what the organization tells you?

    Father to DF'd daughter: because I want to live forever.

    daughter: Then who's being selfish?


  • wearewatchingyouman

    It's out of love, remember?

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