What does it take to break the ache?

by Terry 14 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Etude

    Reality is the Cod Liver Oil we must take in order to purge or intestinal track and stay healthy. The opposite (fantasy, escapism, etc) is like the ice-cream cone with everything on it that will give us cavities and a tummy ache. Oh, but is it ever so good!

  • Satanus

    Reality hits harder, when you have carefully avoided it for most of your life, as jws are taught to do.


  • LV101

    Great topic, Terry - always love your posts when I have time to read. Oh, reality -- I have no respect for reality and can't remember who used to say that maybe some comedian.

    No, I really try to acknowledge and accept reality and have to say it's brought me to my knees more than once then to start questioning existence of God and a spiritual realm (which there's no evidence for to borrow Cofty's words) makes it difficult at times. Religion is truly another addiction/escape and I wonder if it's positives (mainstream religion) really gives one perfect blood pressure like in Joyce Meyers' life. I've heard a couple of them preach it saves your health but if it's not reality and you're living a fantasy/lie how can that help one.

    La la land sounds pretty good right now w/these holidays on the horizon and my fantasies of how everything should be.

  • 3rdgen

    Too much reality is too much all at once. I try to pace myself with reality in between beers.

  • 3rdgen

    and lexapro

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