What does it take to break the ache?

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  • Terry

    The problem with reality is. . .it is too real.

    Reality stings.

    Reality is a headache.

    A bit of fantasy and diversion is about all the aspirin you can take to deflect the throbbing ache of reality.

    Fantasy? Maybe "Magic" is a better choice of words.

    Daydream when you're bored at work?

    Fantacize when you're stuck at school in algebra?

    What does it take to break the ache?

    Is there no escape from the TOO REAL part of life?


    Yes what? Yes 'there is no escape?' or Yes 'there is an escape?'

    There is and there is not. . .depending on how real you want the answer.



    Let's sit very quietly for just a moment and tune in and shutdown the background annoyances.

    Total concentration for what follows, okay?

    Big revelation coming up in 5. . .4. . .3. . .2. . .1. . .

    YOU are the source of information to yourself.

    Consequently, the bad news is going to come from YOU.

    Your report to yourself (about reality) is something you can tamper with and jury-rig the message.

    If you intercept that report on reality and counterfeit a false report. . .reality goes away and false reality replaces it.

    Why would I do that?


    Let's reverse-engineer the situation and get a fresh perspective.

    Remember, what we are doing is we're trying to learn what it takes to break the ache (of reality.)


    We have 2 choices.

    1. Face reality and deal with it and live with the pain of the ache of existence

    2. Deny the pain and confront a substitute (false-reality) and live in a "better" world


    Advantages? Disadvantages?

    1.Facing reality means although you will be suffering you are actually dealing with the things causing the aches. You might develop skills which

    make you stronger. You might adapt resourcefully. Maybe. Maybe not.

    2.Denying pain by living in a false reality means you develop the kind of delusional mindset where life can seem more fun, mysterious, exciting, romantic or filled with grand purposes. The downside is your efforts are empty of effect on the real world. You waste your time. The "fun" doesn't last.



    Confront or Deflect?

    Notice how binary my presentation has been so far?

    Why does it have to be either/or?

    What if you took a dish from column A and a dish from column B to make the meal (of living) more palatable?


    Consider the following analogy.

    Would you drink a tall glass of fresh, pure drinking water to quench your thirst?

    What if it contained only 1 tiny drop of arsenic?

    Get it?


    What is used develops. What is not used will atrophy.

    Exercise your real muscles and your real muscles grow stronger.

    Exercise your make-believe muscles and your real muscles atrophy. (Notice what I didn't say?)


    If you are dying of thirst crossing the desert while heading toward an oasis 1 mile away and you see a mirage seemingly one half mile away

    do I have to ask you what will happen if your turn toward the mirage and ignore the real oasis?


    Life is time and what you do. Life is not really what you're THINKING while time is passing.


    Let's go back to the top.

    What does it take to break the ache?

    Alcohol, drugs, fantasy, make-believe, delusion are THE REPORT you give yourself after those things have tampered with reality.

    Doesn't it feel better? SURE!


    Guess what? Real life didn't really get better!

    Why? Reality is real.

    Fantasy is not real.

    The report your give to yourself can be true or phony.

    What if you have lost track of the difference??


    What is a PLACEBO?

    A placebo is an inert substance having no direct effect.

    However--the expectation of a beneficial effect results in a report of benefit.

    Slow down. . .

    say that again!

    What is a PLACEBO?

    A placebo is an inert substance having no direct effect.

    However--the expectation of a beneficial effect results in a report of benefit.


    Isn't this just another way of saying you can give yourself a false repot in order to BREAK THE ACHE?


    Here is where you can have an epiphany if you are ready for it.

    Are you ready?

    Are you giving your full attention?

    You are about to make a connection you may not have ever consciously made before.

    It may well change what you are able to think from now on!


    Big revelation coming up in 5. . .4. . .3. . .2. . .1. . .

    The PLACEBO is nothing, but your REACTION is everything!

    The PLACEBO does not cause the reaction.

    The false report you give yourself causes the reaction.


    Being tickled is a phenomenon similar to the placebo.

    Try tickling yourself. Can you? No.

    But, if somebody else is involved. . .you can be tickled.

    The touching of the "tickle zone" is a misleading distraction. It is a lie.

    How can that be true? Try touching that tickle zone and tickling it.

    Nothing. Zip. Nada.


    It is all inside your false report.


    Did you "get it" yet?


    The placebo in your life is a lie you are telling yourself to create the false report YOU THINK YOU NEED.

    What does it take to break the ache?

    Something inert (no direct effect) which you invest with meaning.

    What is that false report in your life?

    What is your placebo?

    Remember how we started this topic?

    The problem with reality is. . .it is too real.

    ARE YOU DEALING WITH REALITY or are you busy trying to break the ache with some PLACEBO?

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Interesting topic Terry

    When we are born it's like being thrown out of a plane and being told you have a parachute. At first you just play around in the air not really being that concerned till one day you notice the ground and you start fiddling with your parachute. You see lot's of people fiddling with their chute but none of the chutes are opening. So you keep trying different ideas and the ground steadily draws closer. Finally you realize you're chute just ain't gonna open or you never really had one. So what now there's the ground and I'm done with this parachute but I seem to have a little time on my hands. what should i do with my remaining guilt free years that's right guilt free. i have no idea what's going on here i've given it everything I have and I still don't know. So now i just think whatever i want to think sometimes I entertain myself with sci fi stories or whatever strikes my fancy. There really isn't any ache at this point just some free time so I'll just get back to my book ancient technology in Peru and Bolivia and ponder the archeoiogical mysteries of south america.

  • Terry

    Without an immediate threat staring us down, now more than ever, it is easier to turn on, tune in and drop out. (As Timothy Leary said.)

    Few people have to wake up and kill breakfast in order to eat.

    Few people have to trudge out into the cold and dip water out of a stream.

    Grocery stores, pharmacies, shopping centers are seldom more than a mile away.

    We can self-medicate and consciouness-alter without having to set up a still.

    Even Crystal Meth is, I hear, realatively inexpensive.

    If you are dying with the worst kinds of Cancer (are their good kinds?) you don't have to suffer the pain.

    Drugs are better and more specific than ever.

    Sometimes I wonder just how many people are left who can go through a whole week without tampering with their own mind.

  • Finkelstein

    I think the problem with religious organizations like the JWS is that they purposely focus and promote upon living within fictional

    mythological beliefs and passing on the known reality of the human experience today.

    JWs are prodded and persuaded to give up a life of helping themselves and as well others to promote a fantastical life of improbability,

    pressured by utilizing fear and guilt.

    Give up on this real world and just wait for the another world to come and real soon, it will be a Paradise

  • jgnat

    Our reality has good and bad bits. I can modify my experience to focus on the bits I like.

    For instance, my experiential memory can be extended by focusing all my attention for a few pleasurable moments. Recalling those memories, physiologically, can take me back there. I have done this recently to recall a few blissful moments in a hot tub, and to recall the pleasure of eating a favorite food.

  • Xanthippe

    Christ Terry you're a great guy but your posts are long, so long. To break the ache, live in the moment. All we have is now. It works, it gets you through terrible pain.

  • d

    I agree terry people use various means to dull their sense of perception and not try to deal with the current moment. I try my best with my issues up front and not use substance or defense mechanisms to do with them.

  • Terry

    Christ Terry you're a great guy but your posts are long, so long. To break the ache, live in the moment. All we have is now. It works, it gets you through terrible pain.


    Just read 1/5 of my post.

    Or, instead, read 20%.

    Or, just skip 80%.

    Do any of us have any recourse but to live in the moment? I mean, the moment IS life. We can't live in the past or the future, we can only think

    about our own ideas of what they were/will be.

  • Terry

    Note to self: No more topics on tickling!

  • Satanus



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