Why do Jehovah's Witnesses lie to recruits?

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  • seedy3


    When I was an active Jdub, I seldom was able to do any converting, mostly becasue I never did the "Theocratic warfare" bit. I was raised as a JW, and my parents taught me to be honest and not lie, they were really sort of different Jdub parents. If someone asked me about the shunning I would tell them that yes we do shun those that have done wrongs or left, simple as that. I would get som e pretty strange reactions, but I would expline that it was due to them turning their back on Jehovah, although now I know that is not what it is, it is turning their backs on the WTS. The shunning and dishonesty is what really made me sick of the B-org, I just couldn't understand why they would shun someone when they were in their lowest time of life, to lose the only support medium that they have, their friends and relitives. I have been DF'd now for about 20 years, I have never been shunned by my parents, Jdub friends yes, but not family. Case in point, I now live in Guam, 180 degrees around the world from my family, but my mother always askes me to call her on a regualr basis. When I went back to the States on vacation last year we had a family reunion and even my one sister that is still an active Jdub came to the BBQ, talked with me and associated with me. We went to my mother's apartment and visited with her s few times, she welcomed and infact invited me ot come over.

    I guess I'm getting a little off topic LOL. But, this whole shunning bit and theocratic warfare was really the Biggest reason I left, I just couldn't buy it.


  • jerome

    seedy your lucky that at least everyone dident shun you.

    But I'm not too shure about something though.

    I asked how often do they speak about theocratic warfare at meetings and noone seemed to anwser my question.

    I could really do with a reply.


  • lastcall

    Nowhere, reread your own post and you'll see that you answered your own question.

  • lastcall

    Nowhere,they did not state that the end would come in 1975, but they implied it strongly. How are we to take implications from GOD'S only channel on earth? Take a breath, now disconnect from the brain you share with 6.5 million others and think. This was at a minimum, VERY irresponsible, yet they blamed everyone but themselves for the "misunderstanding".

  • seedy3


    I've been out of the Jdub loop for about 25 years, so I really don't know how much they talk about it now. When I was active, it was discussed, but not in the light as they really use it. We heard many discussions of it being used in countries that the work was banned and how they used it to get out from being caught. But, the way they really use it and the way they try to tell people it is used is very much different. Heck they use it against their own R/F now, the example of the UN fiasco is a good one. I think there is a section on the JW quotes website that has some quotes about theocratic warfare, form the literature.


  • DanTheMan

    Things I didn't know or understand very well before I was baptized (1993):

    Only the "annointed" partake at the Memorial.

    If I ever decide to leave, I will be shunned and abusively gossipped about.

    The "faithful slave" absolute authority/tyranny/big brother doctrine.

    The string of unfulfilled Armageddon dates. I was under the impression, based on the study that was conducted with me, that the WT had held all along that 1914 was only the beginning of Christ's invisible presence, and that Armageddon would come at the end of the 70-80 year generation following that date. I had no idea about 1879, 1925, the months following WWII, 1975, etc. Then, they "refined their understanding" of generations. What a crock. And I gulped it down without a second though at the time.

    That I could be disfellowshipped for caressing a woman's breast. Or smoking a cigarette.

    Judicial committees.

    That many children and adults have died over the blood issue.

    Many, many other things, that, if I had known them at the time, I probably never would have been baptized. I became a dub for three main reasons:

    I was lonely, and the dubs were very friendly and accepting of me.

    I was fearful of world conditions, and equally fearful of meeting an untimely death. The "you may never have to die" schtick is supremely seductive.

    The Witnesses didn't teach hell. I thought that made them the greatest religion I ever heard of. Little did I know that, even though the WT doesn't teach hellfire, it is still very much a fear based religion.

    Now that I've come to know the truth about the WT, truth I wish I had known back in 1992-1993, I've disassociated. So now I'm an apostate to them. But, how many people initially show interest in the Witnesses, only to hear another side of it from someone else, and promptly discontinue their study? The only difference with me is I took it all in and got baptized long before I ever heard any contrary view. I didn't even know that JW's were at all controversial when I became one. I was so naive.

  • dungbeetle

    Again I repeat:

    They did state in 1968 that Armegeddon was only a few months away.

  • ThatSucks


    But, how many people initially show interest in the Witnesses, only to hear another side of it from someone else, and promptly discontinue their study?
    I don't know how many, but I know that I am one who did just that. I got tired of hearing about demonic easter-eggs and Christmas trees from people who wear jewelry to represent marriage originating back to ancient fertility rights. It was just too stupid to deal with.
  • nita6368

    I think one of the biggest recruiting tactics is when your study conductor would totally sidestep a question and say that as your faith grew stronger you would understand. Kind of made you feel like a no-faith moron for asking questions. I thought they were messed up when I started studying, should have trusted my intuition :)

  • Matty

    Nita that is just so true. Its a bit like the 'Emperor’s new clothes' story. If you don't understand then you can't be spiritual enough!

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