outside consulting firm used for JW building site , to be complete in 2019.

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  • dozy
    Do Crofton know that the GB is telling the members that supposedly the outgoings next year are exceeding the incomings? Maybe they should ask for payment upfront.
  • rebelfighter
    Somewhere in these current threads is another one Are JWs Gullible -- Well you just need to combine these two threads together. Obviously, NO ONE in New York believes "we are in the final hours of the last day of the Last Days".
  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    It's been a while since I've done any bible reading, but isn't this the type of thing that Jesus did when he was on earth? You know, collect as much money as he could from both the rich and the poor, then use the money to build a massive compound where he could comfortably write, print, and ship all his wisdom? Then sell that compound, collect more money to build another big compound? And maybe have to use some of those extra millions of drachma to pay off the victims of the child molesters he had among his disciples?
  • brandnew

    @ billy.....

    He had no place to rest his neck......so they say...

    Let alone waterfront luxury condos....

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    @ brandnew - I'm pretty sure Jesus hired some good Roman engineers to build him some waterfront luxury condos.


    Wait, sorry, I think I have Jesus confused with Emperor Nero. That's it... the GB is doing what Emperor Nero did.

  • Hector Mee
    Hector Mee

    This is very bad news for Crofton Design.

    I wonder just how much detailed research and due diligence the senior team in Crofton actually did to see were the JW's suitable clients? As we read, they have not even got the 'entire contract proper', they will be working with 'volunteers'! I would not imagine that they have rubbed shoulders with 'window washers, landscapers and ministry supplies' professionals before, certainly not on a project of this magnitude.I would also be certain that they have not been on a project where there will be an abundance of paedophiles working eyeball to eyeball! I have a very good friend who is actually a senior person at Crofton Design, she is naturally not a JW, but she is very disturbed at being part of the "design, QA and construction of the Jehovah's Witness UK HQ Paedophile Pleasure Palace", to use her quote; so upset is she, that she is planning to tender her resignation on the 25th May 2015. She can not be a part of this obscene project. This maybe a project Crofton Design should have passed on. http://jwsurvey.org/cedars-blog/proposed-new-uk-chelmsford-bethel-recieves-mixed-response

  • OrphanCrow
    It's a big project but definitely not worth the amount of money grabbing from the collection of congregation bank accounts and the sale of many KH's, Circuit Assembly Halls, and the Brooklyn properties. Add to that the scam of forgiving loans but not forgetting a monthly contribution of equal or higher amount than the loan used to be.

    Well...the WTS spends very little on 'charitable' activities. They have to come up with ways to spend money that are acceptable expenditures to the taxman in order to retain their 'charitable' status. The WTS is spending money on 'acceptable' buildings because they don't really do charity - they 'teach literacy' and 'provide Bibles'. All activities that justify new buildings.

    Has anyone looked into this 'outside consulting firm'? How 'outside' is Crofton Consulting Engineers? Are there any JW connections within the firm? The WTS is usually all about patronage.

  • yodastar

    Thanks brandnew, just confirms that getting out for myself and the kids years ago was the right thing. I can't stomach this hypocrisy. I agree they definitely do not do charitable works as a whole. The borg is selfish so instead of rasing funds for Nepal through their members they choose to push the 'work' through yet another monstrosity?

    Some individual's do these kind acts and help people but then they would do that anyways whether they were in a religion or not.

    Let's face it - it's just a huge wank pit that they can convince themselves of being holy cause there've got a nice new church. Correct Phizzy..... SCAM

  • brandnew
    @yodastar....NO PROBLEMO
  • Formerbrother
    Phizzy6 months ago

    What no JW will ask is what happens to all the cash that they receive when they sell Mill Hill Bethel, the Bittacy Hill factory, and all the houses etc they already own around the old site.

    A 5 bedroom house in that area goes for over a Million £. Think how many such properties they can put on 22 acres !

    With the whole package, it will gross around 3 Billion £, less building costs. I would say that they have already covered the cost of the new place, plus a huge profit. As they are going to get a lot of donations for the new project, before they develop or sell the old Site plus the other buildings, they are going to turn a nice profit.

    All this is Tax Free of course. At the expense of the U.K Tax payers.

    I know the answer to this, but are they a Religion, or a Property Development Company ?

    Are they, or are they not, a HUGE SCAM ?


    Answer is, they are the number one property development company on Earth. McDonalds comes in second place and the Vatican/Catholic Chruch third place.

    But McDonalds and the Vatican dont hold as many buildings in their portfolio in EVERY single country on the planet, (almost) even in North Korea, and the Middle East there are top secret JW safe houses.

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