Warning: Pedophiles and JW.COM

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  • dungbeetle

    While it is true that the Watchtower harbors pedophiles and stifles its victims, it is also true that not every pedophile and sexual offender in the Watchtower got this same treatment. There are some sexual offenders who have been caught and expelled from the organization.

    Is there any reason to think that some of them have not made their way to this forum? That these perpetrators are watching everything we say and do here on this board?

    Many of us have stories concerning our exit from the organization that cannot be confirmed. There was one poster on here that said he was df'd for immorality and seeking reinstatement. Well, it occured to me that the 'immorality' might very well have been child molestation. How do we know or not?

    It might be time to start thinking long and hard about a poster who comes to the board and engages in behavior that would not be considered appropriate in a public board or chat room. Posters, for example, obsessed with sex and who can't seem to keep their communications clean and on the forums where it belongs.

    It may be cute and funny and amusing---but that isn't the issue. The issue is, this behavior needs to engaged in with willing participants. Many times on this forum, a person speaks up and says they are not a willing participant, and I have seen them get absolutely attacked for it. Why should I, for example, be banned from the chat room becasue I want a 'clean' place to talk?


    The next thing, when confronted with someone who has problems expressing themselves with appropriate speech and subject matter, would be to ask where did they come from? They may claim they are ex-jehovah's Witnesses becausee of some legitimate reason---but we don't know that do we? Some of these individuals have stories and they have behavior that is very hard to reconcile.

    Some individual claims they expereinced and witnessed sexual abuse when they were young. How can this person who allegedly went through all this then come storming onto the forum with a tremendous amount of nearly non-stop sexual content in the Friends forum and in the public chatroom? A person that does displays tremendous insensitivity to the feelings of others regarding this same behavior.

    In other words, 'I was raped so I will rape others'. 'No one considered my feelings so I will not consider the feelings of others.'

    This is EXACTLY the attitude of a sexual offender---past, present, and future.

    I just think it unlikely that NO JW or ex-JW pedophile will find their way to this forum. I would imagine that there are a few here. And I also will imagine that over time, if they post, some of their mental gymnastics will be exposed to those of us with insight and a raised level of consciousness toward these issues.

  • morrisamb

    Hi Dungbeetle, your righteous indignation is loud and clear and I thank you for that.

    But although a survivor myself, I want molesters to read my book, read our posts, and on and on. But I doubt they would. Why? Because there ain't no boy love talk here! There is some excellent material that would make peodophiles squirm in their boots! If they want their jollies they definitely aren't got to find that here either.

    My molester has written me 100s of letters telling me he forgives me, that I'm going to hell and he's going to heaven. Even though he has "dedicated his life to reaching Jehovah's Witnesses" you wouldn't find him on this thread in a million years. He is in pursuit of the blind, the innocent. Most of people on this site are neither.

  • dungbeetle

    It's all about power.

    Where is the power when you go into a chat room/discussion board where the topic is adult subjects with willing particiapants? There is no power there. That is not going to meet an abuser's needs.

  • morrisamb

    Totally agree with you..a lust for power and control.

  • Prisca

    Dung, I totally agree with everything you've said. We would like to think that we are safe, but this board is no different to the general community. There are predators in our communities, and there is nothing to stop them from coming here.

    Question for everyone:

    What should happen if a known pedophile (past or present) was posting on this board?

    Should they be banned, or would you give them an opportunity to give their side of the story?

    If we knew someone posting on this board had such a past, is it our responsibility to inform Simon?

    Much as we'd like to think we don't have these types of ppl on this board, we most probably do.

  • waiting

    There is no way we would tell a person's sexually deviate orientation, unless they tell us.....seriously. And how does one determine that on an internet forum?

    How many persons have come on this board and said:

    I beat my kids daily.
    I beat my kids standing naked over them.
    I beat my wife.
    I beat my dog/cat/bird.
    I have sex with all the above (maybe not the bird alive).

    Some kid about having sex with shoes, underwear, etc., - but most likely, it is kidding, imho. People joke. Perhaps serious.....but how would one know that?

    But a real molester? I doubt if they'd speak up. One *supposedly real* guy tried about a year ago - nobody knew if he was serious or not.....but he got slammed hard. It was determined by some posters that he was not fit to be here, whether a troll or a person seriously wanting to speak about being an abuser.

    A real molester here? Why not? We most likely have people who've beaten/raped all the above mentioned people, etc. Same ratio as finding one in your neighborhood or family, or at work. But I seriously doubt that we would be able to spot a real molester here - just like in the Real World.

    Some petitioned Simon to have two chatrooms a long time ago. One for people who wanted to talk/joke sexually - and one for people who just wanted to talk. Perhaps if some wanted.....petition Simon again?


  • TR

    My opinion is, anyone who posts anything supportive of child abuse/molestion, and/or is known to be a pedophile,(seems unlikely, but oh well) should be immediately banned from the forum. There is no room anywhere for this kind of behavior. Anything/anyone that harms kids are gone. Yesterday.


    Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America- Washington Division

  • Imbue

    So, who are you talking about? Many joke around in chat with each other but I can only think of one that behaves as a predator.

    Crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  • dungbeetle

    no names as of yet. It's just that these creeps are running out of places to go you see...

  • Cowboy

    I'm with TR.No room for 'em here.

    Nuff Said,

    You know I've tried a thousand times and I've tried to explain
    And I've cried a thousand times over things that I can't change
    I've learned a lot you know, I grow each passing day
    And I blame nobody but myself for mistakes that I have made

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