Could this be an evidence that God exists

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  • titch

    Well, no, not really. I've seen a few TV interviews with him in the past. And, I DO respect his tenacity in life, and his ability to enjoy it despite his unfortunate disabilities But, the only thing that it does for me is to confirm my belief that one's life, one's existence,on this planet, is all just one big "crap shoot" a huge "roll of the dice". Nothing more, nothing less. Best Regards to one and all. And, Happy Festivus Season.


  • smiddy

    A definite NO to the O.P.

    If GOD whoever he claims to be put arms and legs back on this truly inspirational human being , if he did this then I might say it could be an evidence that GOD exists , otherwise a definite NO.


  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    What Terry said.

  • Bugbear

    @Madgiant Whooou!

    Impressive and well done investigation. Your investigation truly shows the fact of evolution. Those who doesn´t fit, must be taken away. In other words only "the fittest survive"...


  • adamah

    Bugbear said-

    Impressive and well done investigation. Your investigation truly shows the fact of evolution. Those who doesn´t fit, must be taken away. In other words only "the fittest survive"...

    Well, not quite: that's a common misconception of evolution, where it's 'dummied down' into the slogan, "survival of the fittest".

    This video goes over the difference between 'artificial selection' and 'natural selection':

    The example provided by MadGiant above is an example of 'artificial selection', not 'natural selection'.

    However, as the example of artificial selection in the video shows, traits that are selected for are quite obviously advantageous for the organism to possess, so the standard by which the individuals are judged is what is best-adapted to THAT given environment, and the standard is arbitrary (eg one Chihuahua breeder might select those that have a long-coat, whereas another breeder could select for those that have short-hair trait, etc).

    Hence the more-correct statement is NOT "survival of the fittest", but "survival of those that fulfill the minimum criteria for whatever trait is favored".

    If we're talking about natural selection, it would not necessarily be "survival of the fittest", but "survival of those organisms that are adapted to their given environment", where ALL, SOME, or NONE may survive to pass along their genes (i.e. the height of selective barrier is not fixed, but changes).

    The DANGER of misunderstanding evolution is it can lead to arguments in favor of euthensia, and a resurrection of such attempts at cleaning out the human gene pool (eg Nazi attempts to create an uber-race of Aryans). Obviously Darwin's evolution has NOTHING to say about the immorality of such attempts at social engineering.

    HOWEVER, such attempts at social engineering are not an invention of Darwin or as a result of evolution: as MadGiant's research shows, humans engaged in such activities millenia ago, being driven by a belief in Gods and demons used to explain the presence of birth defects.


  • Bugbear


    On many points I agree with you. “social Darwinism” Is a dangerous way of thinking. The point from my side was that this is the way that earthly mammal’s has act (and not only mammals) during many thousands of years. It looks merely like it’s just only a function of life. The fact is that only In later days it has been obvious to us that it is not a OK way to behave that way. Humanism has during the last 300-400 hundred years developed to a much higher standard . The ideas of the Bible. Or Aristotle, or Galena, is no longer valid. We accept people that are disabled, have mental deceases or just don’t agree with our viewpoint. (of course not the JW,s who are shunning people that do not accept their way of thinking)… Perhaps you will understand more of this process of human development if you read some of the “enlightenments” writers. One of the thing they were very much concern about was “the evilness” of the “creation”. Reading them carefully you will understand that, they could not understand the way all these things happened to humans. But the evolution theory gives us the fact: it’s white in built in the human (or mammals brain) You hit first, if not you are death.


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