Are YOU Paying More or Less or the Same $$$ For Insurance Since Obamacare?

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  • Nowman

    Mine has always gone up every year, maybe $20 per month 2 times a year. This past month, my insurance went up $185/month - yikes!

    I am currently shopping for new insurance obviously. Geez.


  • factfinder

    I cannot afford ANY insurance.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My private insurer, a major nonprofit, recently received an increase from state regulators. New York regulates more than most states. Normal rate increases would be expected. I used to do utility rate hearings. If you prove expenses and costs, the state allows you a decent rate increase. I don' believe it is related to Obamacare.

    We can't just look at our insurance premiums and assume Obamacare is the factor causing an increase in premium. I expect it is a complex computation.

  • moomanchu

    Paying more and getting less due to higher deductibles and co-pays.

    The open enrollment form actually said due to changes from the affordable care act blah blah blah......

    It has something to do with spouse coverage and new life partner stuff.

    sooooooo an extra $1300.00/ year of my money is going ??????????

    Plus there is the normal % increase didn't bother figuring it out, nothing I can do about it anyway.

    I use my wifes coverage and waive my coverage.

    Thanks B. O. you stink!!!!!

  • JeffT

    Just got new rate sheet from my insurer. My current policy willl no longer exist after 1/1/14 because its not ACA compliant. Replacement will be about three hundred a month more for one that is not as good, or about six hundred more for one roughly equal.

  • minimus

    So, some are getting whacked but most who are commenting say it's about the same.

  • Blttex

    Here is some good info on the changes.

    I'm no expert on the subject but if you want to see a realistic price difference go to Type in your info for coverage starting in 2013, then go back and try it for 2014. The premiums for me were at least double for 2014.

  • scary21

    Paying the same, deductable went up to 1,200.00 from 500.00. no more co-pay until deductable is met even for scrips. We will pay 2,400 plus 3,000 payments before anything kicks in. So for us it has went way up. My husband works for DuPont. No more co-pay was the biggest change.

    Expect other big companies to follow suit next year. Sherry

  • problemaddict

    I haven't looked into it. i insure my employees. I am going to start researching. So far, my current insurance plan seems to be hot garbage. I will get a better one, but most likely it will be a mess of money. I am souring on this ACA in its current incarnation.

  • InquiryMan

    I so love our Scandinavian welfare state :-)

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