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  • wallievase

    Well i finally got around to finishing crisis of conscience. 2 things stood out to me most.

    1. The fact that the GB can question beliefs and noone else can.

    2. Strangly the most disturbing fact- its a small one- but actually made the biggest impression on me out of the whole book-

    The fact that they agreed to send him a copy of his meeting tapes and then refused and admitted in writing that they lied.

    Obviously there was much more that i got from it and i do find Franz situation unique in that he had a whole support system outside of the "truth" and most today including myself have nothing- if i leave my wife hates me, my family wont talk to me, etc- it doesnt provide any solution for that scenario.

    Any thoughts on the above points- let me know

  • happy@last
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    Hi, welcome here. I read it a few years ago but I think it shows that even the GB can't question the belief system. Even the GB consulted past watchtower articles to find the answers, rather than consulting the 'head of the congregation'

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi wallievase, I don't feel that Raymond Franz was trying to provide others with solutions to leaving the WTBTS when he wrote "Crisis of Conscience". I feel like he was the child in the crowd shouting that the Emperor is not wearing any clothes.

    If you are looking for solutions to your situation, I would recommend that you read Steve Hassan's books (i.e., "Combatting Cult Mind Control", "Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves", and/or (his latest book) "Freedom of Mind: Helping Loved Ones Leave Controlling People, Cults or Beliefs"), visit his website, or watch his videos on his website. Another inexpensive option is venting in threads on JWN, reading old JWN threads, and asking for advice to specific questions from JWN members. If you are financially secure, I would highly recommend talking with a competent cult-exit counselor to help you and your family.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • anonymouz

    From Crisis of the Conscience we know Pope Al Schroeder was the modern Bethel Inquisition designer, Henschel was the UN NGO later master ring leader of the whole cabal from incept, and when and by who the generation waffling stumbling tactic inception was produced. (If not in Crisis, then in In Search of Christian Freedom as that final point.)

    In fact if read very closely, we can nail the inception points of the entire JW subversion operation from those two books, and who the main frauds are that founded a multi-generational Bethel subversion operation. Some of their children still continue the subversions. You can bet the modern GB are not anointed, proably not even truly Christian, and that factional control began in 1976, and was aided by the abrupt GB expansion of 1975.

    It is obviously the first "lifting themselves up" culmination of what must have been active in some form in JWs organizationaly for years, as now Henschel's secretarial capacity for Nathan Knorr is totally suspect as is his very presence in the organization, more a "Boys from Brazil" type, than a genuine "body of the Christ"member. It appears Gerrit Loesch has assumed Henschel's former role. It appears the whole GB are now 100% frauds.

    In any event, within 15 years of 1976 they went UN NGO, reorganized all JW teachings, logistics and finance in similar covert fashion, and now the central corruption is also the central authority armed with an "Inquisition" to remain in power until ground zero. JWs are done, the main enemy is within Bethel (as foretold 2Thess2:1-4), not outside were they keep JWs focused on apostates, who actually are right at Bethel running and owning the joint. (Dan11:32a, 2Thess2:3).

    Crisis of Consceince is a great revelation of the inner mechanics of today's Bethel cabal billionaire boys club for 8th King UN purposes, and it's main players of that time, and sheds light on today's Bethel GB actors as well. They will lead te JW organization into purposeful ruination, this kind of orchestration of so many inter-relating events cannot be static or without a climax intention.

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    There's many Youtube vids where Ray gives talks about CoC and interviews about his personal experiences. If you get a chance to see them It may give you even more sight about the man.

    Interesting enough many husbands and wives leaving togther, just many more don't have that luxury.

    I would suggest becoming slowly inactive, and while you do be the best husband ever!

  • KateWild

    I agree with ABibleStudent. If you read Hassan's book you can learn how to approach your wife and family. I used some techniques with my kids, other time I blurted out things that were wrong out of sheer frustration.

    Its a diffiCULT task, but you can free yourselves from this CULT if you work out the strategy that best suits your family

    Take care

    Kate xx

  • blondie

    In Ray's case his support group were initially jws that were questioning inwardly and when they saw how he and his wife had been treated, reached out with practical help. It was some time after he moved south that the WTS made a retroactive law and df'd him for associating with a DA jw. When these peoplle saw how he had been treated, they looked deeper and made a personal decision to DA themselves. I knew Ray for several years before he died and never once did I see him counsel anyone on how to leave the WTS.

    Look up those tapes and get another perspective of Ray.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Ray's book C of C just supported what I had already concluded years prior to reading it. I loved every sentence of it, not only for it's insight, but also for it's lack of anomosity. ALL religions are man made.


  • bruh

    After reading it I too came to that conclusion that religion is man made.

    Too bad its hard to convince the avg. JW that "Jehovah's Organization" is made by human hands !!

  • TheListener

    For the most part CoC confirmed what I had already figured out and provided me with a ton of insight that I would never had been able to get on my own.

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