want to memorize GB names?

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  • losingit

    Saw this on fb... a little trick to remember their names...

    "I Herd Jackson Splane to Morris, Never Lett Sanderson Pierce Losch"

    Apparently JWs now feel that they must memorize their names, as they are the "8 most distinguished men on earth" (a real fb comment)

    Followers of men, not followers of God.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Keeping track of seven is actually quite simple once you have mastered this simple mnemonic device:

    Two S's, two D's, and three emotions.

    Two S's: Sleepy and Sneezy; two D's: Dopey and Doc; and three emotions: Happy, Bashful, and Grumpy.
    Then add the newest one: Sanderson

    Change it to Three S's.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    I wonder why the originator/writer of that delightful sentence never receives credit?


  • losingit

    Rip Van Winkle-- wow! that's great! hahahaha it's true-- the jdubs have no idea where any of their beliefs--thoughts--feelings come from :-)

  • konceptual99

    In answer to your question.... no.

  • freedom2bme

    nope, not in the slightest

  • KateWild

    Very well spotted. JWs are worshippers of men now-Kate xx

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Twelve was a good number...why are there only eight? Aren't these guys revered as apostles? Oh, no, wait...the apostles were considered the Governing Body.

    One question about these guys. When they visit the various Kingdom Halls, do they stay at hotels or with members? Do they eat at restaurants or do they eat at the homes of various members?

    And what about friendships? According to the Society, members should only associate with other members. So do these GB fellows hang out only with each other or do they socialize with the rank and file Kingdom Hall nobodies? When I was a Protestant, the preacher was always invited out to dinner with his wife. In all the churches I ever attended, I don't recall the preacher ever inviting a member family over to dinner. Same thing's true with my wife's Greek Orthodox priest. He and his wife are always being invited to home and expensive Greek restaurants, most of which post photos of a whole group of Greek families with the priest and his wife (who frequently wears her full length fur coat in cold weather). No one we've asked in the church has ever, or knows of any members, being asked to dinner by the priest or his wife. Even when he goes out to lunch with members, guess who alway$ pick$ up the tab? Not the guy in the collar!

    Anyhoo, I reckon the rank and file pretty much fawn over these guys when they drop by. Do they ever go door-to-door with the Pioneers while they're out attending other Kingdom Halls.

  • Oubliette

    Not just no, but "Hell no!"

    That being said, Rip Van Winkle is my hero!!!

  • Watkins

    I always thought it was odd that jws didn't know who the members of the gb were, but ex-jws did.

    Once upon a time I made the comment to two visiting elders that 'I'm supposed to "obey" the gb - but I don't even know them!' They assured me that 'they're really nice guys'. lololol - oh, well then - of course I'll obey them if they're NICE GUYS! not.


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