JW 2013 New Bible vs. LDS 2013 New Scriptures

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  • zeb

    Thatsbecause they almost never talk about Jesus!

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Hey can't leave, you say you dunno how anyone could swallow that cult stuff hook line and sinker, but guess what, we all did at one stage, and so we've all been that stupid.

  • Londo111


  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    That was funny... They said their new Bible would be ready in AUGUST, 2013. lol So they had their new Bible's ready before JW's... October 2013. lol

    Did you catch them saying to go to their website at... LDS.org. lol

    Watching that video WAS creepy. The guy on the left with the red tie, in our MS would get cancelled on speech (boring drone tone) and same ol' same ol' gestures. For the most part, the two guys looked like talking heads, with someone else's hands, stuck into their sleeves, doing the gestering . lol

    If they didn't talk about Jesus so much, (say what? People calling themselves Christians... Talking about Christ instead of Jehovah...?) lol Anyone would have thought they were JW's.


  • jw07

    I wonder if the Watchtower and Mormons / LDS seek outside help for marketing their organizations. Public image management (how to build anticipation for their captive / target audience), internet campaigning, corporate strategy etc.

    They could also be copying each other.

    This video is similar in style (animation) to ones I've seen on JW.org


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