A christian with an earthly hope can enter into God's Kingdom without being born again???

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  • unstopableravens

    ratt yet again you are acting as if the conversation with nic was the first time, it was not ez 36 for example speaks of the new birth. it is not something new from john.


    If Rattigan's point is valid, then NOTHING matters. Just live for today. Is that you point Rattigan? Are you just being facetious?

    If Rattigan is right, then the GB is correct that the Bible was written for those of the first century, except that the GB tries to include themselves, which they cannot do without huge leaps in circular reasoning. Their reasons for doing so are their own, but I place it somewhere between despotism and a "Big brother" complex. They can't do that if Rattigan is correct, because the Bible wasn't and isn't for US. The GB have no claim for authority over anyone. They are not special, no one is. If the NT is just letters written to someone else, then we are all fools if we think that ANY of it is for US. It would be like reading you neighbor's mail or you neigbor's family history and thinking that it somehow applied to YOU.

    In fact, it's worse than that. We are reading a letter written to someone else, about a person who said something to someone else, in this case, Jesus speaking to Nicodemus about being born again. Either it applies to all mankind by extension, or it does not. It concern us, or it does not. It CANNOT be both ways.

    We are left with 2 very simple choices:

    1) The Bible/NT was preserved for, and applies to ALL, and we are all unique, yet equal and special to our Father.

    2) The Bible/NT happened to be found and applies to only those for whom the "originals" were written, because it is the equivalent to finding an old letter written to someone else in a dusty old attic. It's interesting, it may contain some universal advice, but it's not for YOU.


  • jhine

    It seems to me that the crux of the matter is the GB do not want people thinking that they can enter the kingdom by being born again because

    A) that would be listening to Jesus , and we can't have that can we ? Everyone has to listen to the GB

    B) the GB would not have to be obeyed in every way , ( see A )

    This is just another example of the WT knowing better than Christ , so heed them instead of the Saviour.


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