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  • AlphaMan

    I think 2014 will be all about Watchtower Society damage control. They know it's been 100 years since 1914, and that they are losing more people than they are bringing in. Due to exposure from the internet, and nonsense changes in JW doctrine, this cult is one scandal away from a mass exodus of JW's. I think they will start a special campaign that they have divine insight that just as Noah preached 120 years before the flood, that the end of the world will definately come in 2034. They will proclaim the key for the organization to accomplish Jah's will...will be to complete the new world HQ. It's 20 years away, but at least it gives them a date to get them affraid & fired up, and of course....a doomsday cult needs a date for Armaggedon.

  • steve2

    As time passes, I realize more and more that people in the religion are by and large not great thinkers; they do not give a tinker's cuss about the "adjustments" to the 1914 doctrine. Yes, there will always be a few such as you and me who are disturbed by the passing of time and wonder about the "refinements" - but the target of the Watchtower has been - and remains - primarily aimed at apathy.

    An accurate mantra is this: Apathy not apostasy will be the Watchtower's eventual downfall. The Watchtower well knows that you can stifle independent thinking - but you cannot stifle yawns.

  • ABibleStudent

    Follow anything and everything that the GB requests. Donate blank checks and credit card slips and the GB will fill in the amount for you.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • wallsofjericho

    They know it's been 100 years since 1914, and that they are losing more people than they are bringing in

    this is false, at least according to their published numbers.... of course inclusive of 30 hour pioneers, both parents counting hours for kids, and 15 minute publishers, regardless their numbers increased in 2013

  • konceptual99

    I very much doubt that they will ever predict a date, even 20 years in the future.

    steve2 is on the right lines.

    They have enough of a track record of just letting enough water pass under the bridge to dull the senses of people to keep things going for decades yet but the apathy will grow.

    The AGM will get even more open as more halls round the world are equiped to present a video feed. It will become a fixture in the calendar for all.

    Raise the expectation to maintain the distraction.

  • westiebilly11

    suspect they will ease back on making any date predictions....and will probably issue more dvds etc aimed at their teens and younger ones who may be internet aware......

  • caliber

    If you started to dive after 75

    then start doing more by 34

    as before reap blessings galore !!

    'cause new light makes it right

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    once both day and night.. my clock gets it right

  • anonymouz

    "This just in from God Himslef:" "The preaching work has ended brothers and sisters!, you can go home now...well done!" "We will liquidate the billion or so in WT assets as "all his belongings" to divvy up with "the faithful slave", all 8 of us and a few staunch supporters here at Bethel"

    "Thanks for all your support!"


    The Governing Body

    goood bye!


    Don't forget that nu-lite can also be reactionary. If they are getting hammered in the media and people are "opposing" the preaching work, I predict nu-light on who counts as an "ordained minister." They have fiddled with this in the past although many are not aware of it. So the groundwork is laid for a change. To avoid liability, only the " 8 dukes " or collective Eldubs will be "ordained ministers", everyone else will have a "personal" ministry not legally affiliated with the WTBTS. They have already mentioned that term as well. What better way to keep track of pedos, appear proactive to outsiders, or see who's fading?

    Who is going to go out in field-serve-us, except those loyal to the GB/Organization? If JWs are truly persectuted for the GB's part in pedo-cover-ups, then I aint going out, and neither is my kid. That would paint an immediate target on my back, and the "8 Dukes" can swoop in to save the congregation from my nefarious schemes!!

    I think changing the definition of "ordained minister" to Elders, which would include COs, DOs ect, would be a win/win for the WTBTS. All the r&f would glady sign anything put in front of them by the GB/FDS. Then, no matter what happens to the R&F in serve-us, the WTBTS is off the hook.


  • piztjw

    I think this "letter" explains quite well what I think could be new light.

    (Disclaimer: This is not a REAL letter from the GB)

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