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  • Finkelstein
    Seems the WTS. newly acquired marketing strategy has influenced some JWS to market the web site and make some money for themselves.
  • Tater-T
    They seem to be targeting kids .. IMO
  • FayeDunaway
    Pretty gross. I've heard you guys referring to dancing at the kh's....what was that about??
  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who
    I actually LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this. It is helping my sister to wake up. She actually got in trouble last week for telling a piousneer that her jw pin and jw.org branded magazine holder would have been a big no no just 10 years ago and could have gotten you reproved. An elder this past service meeting told me we are going to have a "keep up with Jah's celestial chariot" part on our next local needs....partly due to my sister! I love it.
  • exwhyzee

    "Must Have's" if you wish to "Walk in Integrity" and plan to win the "Race for Life"

  • kairos

    Now if that's not having one's "feet shod with the equipment of the good news of peace", I don't know what is...

    Eph 6:15

  • Incognito
    FayeDunaway said:
    Pretty gross. I've heard you guys referring to dancing at the kh's....what was that about??

    Although less dancing than some videos I've seen, linked below is one example.


  • SafeAtHome
    Watching that video was disgusting! Those poor children singing that dirge and the "performance" of the band and singing a wordly pop song on the stage of the KH, I am speechless. When I got married at the KH in the 70's I couldn't even have a "wordly" song played while I walked down the aisle...it had to be an awful kingdom melody! It seems they are desperately trying to appeal to the younger ones. And holding up all the fancy electronic devices!! UGH!! Thought the internet was a tool of Satan. Can you imagine if a Witness had been in a coma for a few years and woke up, he would think WTF 😮
  • FayeDunaway

    Thank you incognito! I am speechless.

    ok, edited to say this: it is like watching severely malnourished children lapping up a few drops of milk dripping from a table.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell
    Singing a "worldly" song at a Kingdum Hall. Wow. I never thought I would see this. This is not my mother or grandfathers organization.

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