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    Alternative Daily Text for Tuesday, June 17, 2014

    “Solomon offered … 120,000 sheep.” (1 Kings 8:63)

    “Solomon proceeded to offer the communion sacrifices that he had to offer to Jehovah … a hundred and twenty thousand sheep, that the king and all the sons of Israel might inaugurate the house of Jehovah.” (1 Kings 8:63, NWT 1984) As is known, “Jesus Christ [is] the Greater Solomon,” and soon he soon offer a similar sacrifice for the inauguration of the great spiritual temple. (Awake!, February 22, 2002, page 9) Considering the greatness of this temple, the sacrifice will have to be much bigger – a “little flock” would never be enough. (Luke 12:32) It is a good thing that Jesus has “millions of ‘other sheep’” at his disposal. (The Watchtower, August 15, 2009, page 10) Sure, they “look forward to living right on into an earthly paradise.” (The Watchtower, April 15, 1995, page 31) But in actual fact, “Jesus Christ, the greater Solomon,” will offer them to his father as a communion sacrifice.

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    Alternative Daily Text for Wednesday, June 18, 2014

    “I … am a prophet … and an angel himself spoke to me by the word of Jehovah … (He deceived him.)” (1 Kings 13:18, NWT 1984)

    During the days of Jeroboam, some old man claimed to be a prophet of Jehovah and to speak “the word of Jehovah.” But in actual fact “he deceived” those listening to him, even causing the death of at least one other prophet. (1 Kings 13:18, 24) “Whatever might have been the old prophet’s motive, he lied. Perhaps the old man had at one time been a faithful prophet of Jehovah. At this point, however, he was acting deceptively. The Scriptures strongly denounce such conduct.” – The Watchtower, August 15, 2008, page 9.

    Something similar is happening in our time. However, “today, Jehovah does not inspire prophets as in the past; instead, he has commissioned a faithful slave class.” (The Watchtower, October 1, 2002, page 17) Like with the prophets of Biblical times, “the [faithful and discreet] slave’s will is Jehovah’s will” and “rebellion against the slave is rebellion against God.” (The Watchtower, June 1, 1956, page 346) But in fact “he deceived” his followers. From 1920 on, for example, he claimed “that there will be a resurrection of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and other faithful ones of old … [in] 1925,” and “those who ….accept the … [Watchtower doctrines] shall be restored to perfection of body and mind and live on the earth forever.” –Millions Now Living Will Never Die!, pages 88, 98.

    This has not come true, like so many other prophecies – for example that the preaching work “would be completed in our 20th century,” or that soon after 1929 “airplanes may float without engines and men may step out of a window into the air without fear of falling.” (The Watchtower [original printed edition], January 1, 1989, page 12; The Golden Age, June 12, 1929, page 586) Above all, their “promise of a new world in which death and mourning will be no more” has not come true, not 1914, not 1925, not in the 1940s, not 1975, and not “before the generation of 1914 ‘passes away.’” – The Watchtower, November 15, 1995, page 4; October 1, 1973, page 583.

    Whatever might have been the ‘faithful and discreet slave’s’ motive, he lied. Perhaps he had at one time been a faithful prophet of Jehovah. Today, however, he is acting deceptively. The Scriptures strongly denounce such conduct. Thus we should heed the following advice regarding Jehovah’s Witnesses: “Their promises and predictions of better things have failed time and again. Why let yourself be carried along with them in a steadily downward course to ultimate disaster?” – The Watchtower, February 1, 1971, page 69.

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    Alternative Daily Text for Friday, June 20, 2014

    “That is enough of you, you sons of Levi! … So must you men also try to secure the priesthood?” (Numbers 16:7, 10, NWT 1984)

    Moses had enough of Korah and the other wannabe priests. In our day, “such ‘sons of Levi’ correspond to the collective body of anointed ones today” who would like to serve “as priests under Jesus, the High Priest.” – The Watchtower, June 15, 1987, page 15.

    Back in Moses’ time, “the earth opened and swallowed them up, along with their households … So they and all who belonged to them went down alive into the Grave.” (Numbers 16:32, 33) Soon “the Greater Moses, Jesus Christ,” will make sure that the same fate will befall the antitypical Levites “who make up ‘the faithful and discreet slave.’” – Worldwide Security Under the “Prince of Peace”, page 10; Live With Jehovah’s Day in Mind, page 91.

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    Alternative Daily Text for Friday, June 27, 2014

    “O God of vengeance, Jehovah, o God of vengeance, shine forth! Rise up, o Judge of the earth. Repay to the haughty what they deserve.” (Psalm 94:1, 2)

    The Bible shows clearly that Jehovah is “a God of vengeance” who will soon be “taking vengeance on his enemies … Why so? Because it would clear the way for all persons who love God to be glad, to rejoice.” (The Watchtower, January 15, 1981, pages 4, 5) Indeed, the prospect of seeing God annihilate all his enemies is for Christians a reason “to be glad, to rejoice.” Will it not be wonderful to watch how “in the very near future all ungodly persons” – all who are not Jehovah’s Witnesses or did not have enough field service hours, including our neighbors, workmates, and closest relatives – “will suffer destruction at the hands of God?” – The Watchtower, November 1, 1985, page 7.

    People have really heaped a heavy burden of guilt upon themselves. Some have participated in political elections and so have opposed God. (John 15:19) Others live together in one apartment without being married, just because they cannot afford the administrative marriage. (1 Corinthians 6:9) Some children are “disobedient to parents” only because these want to abuse and mistreat them. (Romans 1:30) It goes without saying for true Christians that God can no longer sit and watch while such gross sins are happening on earth. “Jehovah is a God … taking vengeance; Jehovah is taking vengeance and is disposed to rage. Jehovah is taking vengeance against his adversaries.” (Nahum 1:2, NWT 1984) “God will come with vengeance, God will come with retribution.” – Isaiah 35:4.

    ”Jehovah’s witnesses today merely proclaim the ‘day of vengeance on the part of our God’ … They do not execute vengeance [themselves].” (The Watchtower, November 1, 1972, page 660) They proclaim the good news “of Jehovah’s vengeance” from house to house, and they look forward to the fulfillment of David’s prophecy: “The righteous one will rejoice because he has seen the vengeance; his feet will be drenched with the blood of the wicked.” – Psalm 58:10.

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    Alternative Daily Text for Friday, July 4, 2014

    “He brought me into the house of wine.” (Song of Solomon 2:4, NWT 1984)

    Christian parents are given the advice: “Discuss with your teenager the fine Bible example of the beautiful young Shulammite maiden.” (Awake!, February 22, 1992, page 10) Her “dear one” brought her “into the house of wine” – and for sure they have not only watched the wine jugs there. Anyway, after some time the Shulammite said to her shepherd lover: “My breasts are like Watchtowers … I surrender myself to my beloved.” – Song of Solomon 8:10, Hoffnung für Alle.

    We do not know how thoroughly the shepherd “studied the Watchtower.” (The Watchtower, December 1, 2006, page 14) But in any case, young people of today should imitate the Shulammite and her lover by going to the places where “consumption of alcohol is at its highest.” (Awake!, March 8, 1986, page 3) This will help them ‘not to rely on their own understanding’ according to the Biblical advice. – Proverbs 3:5.

    When should children start drinking alcohol? The Shulammite’s boyfriend had begun at tender age. He remembered his early childhood and told: “I have drunk my wine along with my milk.” (Song of Solomon 5:1, NWT 1984) Thus Jehovah advises all Christian parents: “Buy wine and milk.” (Isaiah 55:1) Anyone who does not drink wine is not a true Christian; after all, Jesus commanded his disciples even to “keep” drinking. (1 Timothy 5:23; 1 Corinthians 11:24) And “no age is too early to begin.” – The Watchtower, July 1, 1971, page 395.

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Hmmm, with that scriptural encouragement I'll have wine on my Cheeries this morning and find a couple of Watchtowers to "study" later.

  • Focus

    processor, you are a demon after my own heart.

    Do look to the verses of Numbers 31; that should a few alternative days. I am confident you will not need help in interpreting the real reasoning underpinning each step that is prescribed therein.



    ("Only then..." Class)

  • Heaven
    “He brought me into the house of wine.” (Song of Solomon 2:4, NWT 1984)

    I get the feeling there were a lot of alcoholics back in Biblical times.

  • processor

    Alternative Daily Text for Sunday, July 6, 2014

    “A wicked and adulterous generation keeps seeking a sign.” (Matthew 16:4)

    Who was Jesus talking about? God’s channel of communication answered this question a while ago: “What, then, is the ‘generation’ so frequently referred to by Jesus in the presence of his disciples? What did they understand by his words: ‘This generation will by no means pass away until all these things occur’? Surely, Jesus was not departing from his established use of the term ‘this generation,’ which he consistently applied to the contemporary masses with their ‘blind guides’ who together made up the Jewish nation. (Matthew 15:14) ‘This generation’ experienced all the distress foretold by Jesus and then passed away in an unequaled ‘great tribulation’ on Jerusalem.” – The Watchtower, November 1, 1995, page 14.

    Who make up the “wicked and adulterous generation” in our day? “Those without spiritual understanding … the modern-day John class … As a class, these anointed ones make up the modern-day ‘generation’ of contemporaries that will not pass away ‘until all these things occur.’” (The Watchtower, February 15, 2008, page 24) Like the scribes and Pharisees of Jesus’ day they are “blind guides,” and soon “great tribulation” will come upon them. However, in the first century some Jewish scholars survived the Roman assault. Thus we can reckon “that some of these anointed ones may survive the destructive ‘great tribulation.’” (The Watchtower, June 15, 1976, page 384) But we do not need to worry because “all such false religion will soon be destroyed forever by God.” – Awake!, November 22, 1974, page 6.

  • prologos

    pro-cessor, these are great spoofs, serious joking. You would not be from berlin par chance? it reminds me of the humour at any price in the 30, 40. (enjoy the war, the piece will be terrible, where are we going to hang him? said by a man walking with a portrait of AH.) any price: prison for life. a short life.

    In the "generation" comment above, you are delightfully just as balled up as the wt writers.

    nu lite has a guarantee that the anointed will not survive all the things that are destined to occurr, they will die BEFORE Armageddon. raptured.

    provided that Armageddon will ever happen of course.

    danke schoen.

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