Orwellian World of JWs

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  • patio34

    I just received my copy of this book and can't put it down. Well, i did in order to post this! I ordered it from Amazon.com and it took almost three months to receive it.

    I looked up the authors and found a webpage for Gary Botting.

    These are the degrees after his name: B.A., M.A., Ph.D., M.F.A., LL.B., LL.M.

    His writing is especially understandable. I just finished 1984 and am looking forward to Botting’s book. BTW, he has several novels and a book of poems.

    For a while I was tired of all things JW (except this Board!). However, this book delves into the psychological side of JWdom and seems to have a good slant.

    Has anyone else read this book? If so, what did you think of it?

  • Farkel


    I've read the book and I highly recommend it. I think it is especially valuable because it clearly demonstrates how the WTS uses artwork and drawings to create vivid imagery in the minds of its followers. Check out the pictures from the WT mag. where in one frame it shows a little boy and his mother weeping beside the grave of the boy's father. The next frame shows (as I recall) the headstone turned over and the resurrected father rushing towards his family with smiles on everyone.

    What makes this significant is that the boy and his mother had not aged at all between the two images! The message is clear: the Paradise is imminent.

    Several of us have commented that it was surprising that Heather and Gary had not been sued by the WTS for copyright infringement, since they used so many WTS images in the book. But then again, that would only draw attention to the book and that's the last thing the WTS needs: its members to find out they live in an Orwellian cult.

    I also liked the Botting story about "Brother Noah" (NHK) and his Cadillac and grumpy bodyguards. The book is a great read and a good addition to anyone's library who's been involved in Watchtowerism.


  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    I just put it on reserve at the library. I'm very curious to read it, and hope that it doesn't "disappear" before I get it. There are other books I have tried to get at the library, and all their copies don't ever get returned.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I have read this book several years ago. Someone borrowed it and I never saw it again. But... I was at a book sale last week and found a copy for $2 so grabbed it - have already started re-reading it

    Aspire to inspire before you expire

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    hmmm. well, considering that youre on a learning curve at the moment and into books...obtain "The True Believer" , by Eric Hoffer.
    I imagine you will have to order it thru a specialized bookshop, like a university bookshop, but it is available.
    You will find it MOST interesting. (Its Not about Dubbies.)

  • patio34

    Hi Farkel, Thanks for the input on the book. I'm very excited about it and the new perspective it offers.

    Concerned Mama, i hope you get it from the library. I've had mixed results getting this type of book.

    Lady Lee, what a coincidence! I've lost a lot of books by loaning them out. I've got two really good ones out on loan and hope to get them back.

    RefinersFire, believe it or not i had Eric Hoffer's book and returned it to Barnes and Noble. For some reason, i just didn't click with the guy's writing. I probably missed out on a lot. LOL about being into books right now--I'm always into books!


  • Francois

    Refiners Fire,

    Great book recommendation. In any list of the top most important books I've ever read, The True Believer would be in the top three every time. It's unequalled in intellectual utility, accuracy, and prescience. (The other two are the Tao Te Ching and The Urantia Book.)

    Even though the words Jehovah's Witnesses are not mentioned even once, the entire book could be about them - and is. It has them nailed, and nailed good.

    Actually, I've recommended this book so many times here, I can just imagine everyone's eyeballs rolling when I do it again (there goes Francois again with his True Believer). Har!

    Actually, I've never had any problem finding this book. Usually, it's in the philosophy section.

    Y'all try it now, y'hear?


  • patio34

    Well, Francois, on that glowing recommendation, i may try True Believer again. I got it at Barnes and Noble last time, but didn't care for it. But it's short and i probably didn't give it enough time.

    It seems more important to me now to examine the psychological and flawed mindset that allows people to become duped by such cults.


  • waiting

    Howdy y'all,

    Botting's book was one of the first I wanted to read.....and couldn't find.

    My son got it when he went away to college - and away from his jw parents - at Univer. of S. Carolina. Six years later, after I left, he recommended it to me, and got a copy of it from the USC library.

    If a reader can't get it from their local library, find a friendly college student and get them to get it for you. I had to give it back though - they charge through the nose if you keep a book (and won't let the kid graduate until it's paid).

    Hey Pat!

    Will go and check out Botting's site. I talked to my son today (who is now finishing 2nd yr law school semi-sober at the moment) and told him about Botting be a lawyer. Perhaps more xjw's should become lawyers.....rather like anger begetting anger. Let the WTBTS lawyers worry about all the pissed off lawyers they begat, eh?


  • waiting

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