Evolution - What Darwin Never Knew

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    Hi, yes know what your saying. There was a horizon program (UK) a few years ago that explaned this re RNA, and i am wholly with you on that, the point i was making is that that in my opinion is the only agrgument creationilist can push as in there is a possibility that the RNA or even DNA could of came here on a comet or asteroid or poss by some other means, from some where else.


  • snare&racket

    Yeah its interesting stuff..... but in terms of their arguments, god as an explination of our world is being pushed further and further back the more we learn and can explain. They now use god where we would use the sentence "not yet fully explained or understood." Emphasis being on YET. This is such a pathetic and lazy position for believing in a mysterious ethereal being, anything one personally cant understand is evidence of a god!? One jw told me that the big bang just didnt make sense to him, he said it with a smile of mockery.... I asked him how many books he had read on the bigbang and when he said none, i asked whether it was a suprise it didnt make sense? My brother believes trees are proof of a god, ne says 'just look at them!' at the same time he has never read a single book on trees. He assumes we don't understand them to the molecular level and their development over millions of years...just because he doesnt know that we know. A Watchtower education is one lacking in raw information for sure. Likewise with dna / rna and its translation and transcription, people dont understand it and assume humans don't... Gregor Mendell was manipulating genes inthe 1700's!

    The fine tuning argument annoys me, a creationist says our universe is just right for us to live in And so is designed, i would say we exist and live in a universe that is just right for us otherwise we would not be alive and exist! As dawkins quotes.. Its like a puddle that believes the pot hole he sits in is designed by a god, because he fills it perfectly....yet obviously puddles are random formations.. It is an egotistical and illogical way of observing the universe, not to mention that if the earth was nearer the sun Or further away.. It doesnt mean there would be no life, it means there would be different life!

    The more i learn and know of biology, the more I realise how much of a blapheme it is to ascribe such an inefficient, shotgun approach to life that nature plays to a deity. Nature plays the numbers game because it nows the probability is against it. We shoot out millions of sperm to increase the chances because the system is so flawed. Anyone calling this universe and life 'perfect' or 'designed' is demoting god to a half arsed , undignified designer.

    he would not get a job at apple, that is for sure......

  • runForever

    cofty you don't know how to flip someone off???

    people you actually believe a fucking deer can turn into a whale.

  • runForever

    caedes: you're a fucktard

  • prologos

    part of the talking snake story confirmed by evolutionist:

    Michael Shermer, in "Why Darwin matters" pages 17,18 :

    "The cretaceous snake PACHYHACHIS PROBLEMATICUS--had small hind limbs-- that it inherited from it's quadrupedal ancestors, gone in today's snakes."

    lucky shot by bronze age dreamer or indication that

    evolution was one of the arrows in the quiver of a stone age deity creator*?

    *a given?

  • runForever

    keep muttering behind your little book bro

  • NoStonecutters

    By the way, Charles and Erasmus are making Kabbalistic poses in these depictions.

  • AbaDaddy

    "people you actually believe a fucking deer can turn into a whale."

    oh dear. So random and so angry so soon. To blurt a 'people like you..' accusation is a white flag in any argument.

  • cofty

    runForever - In this forum we show respect for people we don't call them "fucktards". If you have evidence to support your beliefs then share them. None of us want to be wrong any longer than necessary. Name calling is childish.

    I asked you which books that present the evidence for evolution you had read. You replied that you had watched a brief video by a philosopher. Caedes was right to point that out. That makes him insightful not a "fucktard".

    Are you here to learn or to publicly demonstrate your ignorance?

    You asked about whale evolution, you could not have picked a better example. A series of fossils have been discovered in Pakistan in recent years that perfectly demonstrates the evolution of whales from land-dwelling mammals to aquatic ones. Whales are the poster-child of fossil evidence for evolution.

    Why do you think some whales still have tiny vestigal pelvis structures buried deep in their body? I could explain it in detail but do you really want to have information that challenges your willfully ignorant assumptions? If you are interested you could buy a copy of "Evolution - What the Fossils Say" by Donald Prothero.

    In addition to the evidence from the fossil record geneticists are discovering the precise mechanisms that control the development of body plans in a growing embryo. Once again I could tell you about it in detail but are you interested? You could get yourself a copy of "The Making of the Fittest" by Sean B. Carroll.

    If you are interested in discussing ideas with people who can teach you something you didn't get from your home schooling, start by showing some respect.

  • stillMS


    Could you, please, recommend some more (one or two) good scientific books about evolution (I am not banned by Google - I just want an advice)

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