Evolution - What Darwin Never Knew

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  • frankiespeakin
  • cofty

    Neil Shubin discovered Tiktaalik.

  • snare&racket

    Ohhhh that guy from 100 years ago..... you are joking me.... he didn't have everything exacty right!

    But he had a notebook and a pen and worms and plants and birds to observe, how did he not master the whole of biology, biodiversity, abiogenesis and evolution and all without error !? How strange!

    I guess the fact he didnt know everything about everything without making a misake means we have to ignore the whole pile of evidence for evolution. the obsevations and the BILLIONS of fossils, the DNA that we can see and understand right down to the atomic levels, mapped out now by species and mutation....

    Ah well..... back to the drawing board...

    Ok, so the earth is deep, the deeper down we go the further back in time we go. When we dig down, in the lowest layer we find simple life and as we go up over time it becomes more complex and diversifies over the millions of years represented. We never find animals earlier than expected or later than expected in the layers. Hmmm I wonder if I can come up with a theory to explain it... maybe if I draw them and compare anatomy or do a DNA sample and see how they compare??????

    How strange that its not just animals, but single celled organisms, plants, insects, birds, fish and mammals..... all of life basically that follows this odd distribution in the depths of the earth.... hmmm how to explain it?

    Ok, lets start with Genesis and the bible and see if that corrolates with the evidence.........


    Now on with that anatomy and DNA comparison.....

  • adamah

    LOL, SNR.

    You really should watch the video, as it's from PBS and talks about recent discoveries that have not only confirmed Darwin's findings, but how the theory of evolution has evolved beyond what he knew.


  • runForever

    what a joke. Why don't we call it mutationism? ah because that would make it sound stupid which it is. Herp derp things don't go from one shape to the next. IMPOSSIBLE........

  • Gopher

    Yeah evolution must be "impossible" in spite of all the paleontologic evidence and despite the fact that things are adapting and changing even as we speak. Oh well.... I guess it's more probable that we all die because a naked woman listened to a talking snake.

  • runForever

    wow what a logical post gopher. everything must be "adapting and changing as we speak". Oh well I guess you're wrong.

  • braincleaned

    There are still people refusing to see the multiple evidence of evolution — worse yet — they refuse to LEARN about it.
    What do they FEAR? Truth fears no examination... unless truth is not the goal.

    Here's a video that can help those who think that evolution is what the WTS explains it is.


  • runForever

    Braincleaned: You really think things mutate from one shape to the next???

  • runForever

    It's kind of scary when you have to use the same tactics of the watchtower. I think their latest magazine says just about the same thing. Wait let me quote it.paragraph 7 of "let your kingdom come- but when" jan 1st 2014 wt study edition:

    "7 With so much evidence that God’s Kingdom is already established in heaven, why do the majority of people not accept what this means? "

    now let me quote you braincleaned: " There are still people refusing to see the multiple evidence of evolution — worse yet — they refuse to LEARN about it."

    ahahhahahahaa exactly the same. ahahahhaha

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