My mom wants me to disassociate myself from her on facebook if

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  • jgnat

    I have some evangelical friends on facebook, and I think one of them still hasn`t forgiven me for tricking her in to liking a pro-immunization clip. The poor child nearly died!

  • jgnat

    By the way, I totally agree. If she wants to shun, she can do it! Of course, she`ll have to die of curiosity wondering what you are up to, but that`s the price she pays.

  • steve2

    Um, you're almost 50 but your OP reads like an adolescent's. 'Bout time you cut those apron strings, JW background or not. As for your mom telling you to unfriend her, you could do worse than ask for some "cooperation" incentives.

  • flipper

    JW DAUGHTER- JW relatives are so weird. I think you need to be upfront with your mom and call her on her hypocrisy. If she allows all these allegedly " unchristian " non-JW folks on her facebook with their vices - what right does she have to pick a bone or confrontation with you ? None whatsoever. I would throw it back in her face. I had to do that several years ago to my older JW dad as he was preventing my JW mom from coming to visit us due to my inactive niece living nearby. He didn't want to " run " into her. Yet he associated with my JW siblings inactive kids, one was gay yet they let him visit into their JW home. But because my niece went to college got a law degree and disagreed with the WT Society he wouldn't let my mom visit our home. I about came unglued and read him the hypocrisy riot act.

    Believe me- JW's are so unethical and they pick and choose which WT rules they want to follow- whichever ones are more convenient for them. There is no rhyme or reason to it- and no justice whatsoever. You need to stand up to your mom. Especially if you've been out of the organization for 30 years. I get the feeling you've kept a lot bottled up for a long time. It's time to cleanse your soul my friend- and your mom's as well. Just my 2 cents from one whose been there. PeACE OUT, mR. fLIPPER

  • JWdaughter

    I appreciate the comments-except the adolescent one! I will have to examine that one a bit more! In any case, my mom has nobody in the family physically close to her and I am not giving her an excuse to shut me out directly by a confrontation. She would be too too alone. The only reason my kids visit her is when I harrass them into it even though my oldest does love her and confide in her sometimes (my kids are hours away also). She lives alone with her dog for pete's sake. My siblings live hours away by car or plane and so do I. She has two sisters who live hours away and most of her inlaws have died off. I'm the kid that in every way but the WT am the one she connects to. My sis and her are like oil/water (mostly because of the religion, but it comes out in a lot of ways) and my brother is a big fat dud of a human being.

    So, I did my passive aggressive bit and will let it rest, I guess. I can't see bringing it on further. She already lived 40 years beyond "armageddon", outlived my dad and all her brothers, went through cancer for herself and several loved ones. If she defriends me, that's on her, but since she is still sending me emails like nothing was said or responded to online, I guess she is letting it go. It may have helped that I warned her off poisonous doggy treats for her puppy, who knows? I really think she likes dogs more than people. Irony is that I used to go out in service w/her and EVERY dog used to terrify her.

  • anonymouz

    Does she know about the Bethel UN NGO? Because that is Bethel HISTORY, that Bethel created, and maybe you can bend that logic to say you are informing people of Bethel's own history and dubious covenant in "wildbeast" co-promotions as per Awake! 9/8/1991 onward.

    I say this not to give fuel to any disagreement, but due to Bethel's silence before, during and after the UN NGO, a number of JWs have no idea Bethel joined the UN "family of organizations", and if all JWs knew that fact, some would leave the org that day (Matt24:15), and hence why Bethel covers up that affair.

    I do not know how a JW could reconcile Bethel joining a rival world government while preaching God's Kingdom and all JWs should be made aware of Bethel's actual alliances.

  • smiddy

    Put the onus back on her , let her be the one to unfreind you.


  • Scully

    Tell her that facebook has the option to "hide" posts that she finds offensive, no matter who posts them.

    I do it all the time. There's only so much religious claptrap a person can take. I don't have to confront the person, hurt their feelings, offend them or make them feel that they have to censor themselves for my benefit. Everybody wins.

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