Some duplicates to be aware of ...

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  • jerome

    I am confused about xenu.

    Is he the other two posters as well?

    Oh BTW is yoyo really a jw?

    I cant understand it. I have never come across a jw who asks others to point out the bad in the watchtower.
    But in yoyos case he did it kinda convincingly thats why I think that theres something wrong there.
    I have never met a jw who was able to say anything bad about the watchtower before. JWs just cant do it.
    [ Exception mabe the Bethelites ]

    This guy yoyo shurley aint normal.


    The Bible is a two edged sword wield it for evil and it you may get hurt.

  • dungbeetle

    Nothing about them says to me that they are really Witnesses. They can neveer properly answer present-day doctinal questions, and on those occasions when they do post something, they are either dead wrong or, as in You Know's case, outdated.

    They remind me of the guys that go into chat rooms and pretend they are women. Obviously they are not 'real'; and I have no reason to believe any of these trolls are 'real' as well. They all probably go to Catholic or Baptist church every Sunday just like a big part of the rest of the world.


  • LDH1

    LOL @ the Xenu/NYT connection

    Like I said.....

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Simon. So Xenu is actually that horrible nyhalo, assumed to be NYT.

    Spiderman I picked first post.

  • moman

    Who cares who they are, its just GOOD-FUN, am I out-a-line here?

  • butalbee
    butalbee is the space ship still coming or what?

  • noidea

    This is better then a soap opera!!!


    Member of the: I have No Idea class.

  • plmkrzy
  • teejay
    teejay is the space ship still coming or what?


    You’re cracking me up about that spaceship! Too funny.



    I guess you know that you’ve done is outed the entire Mama family who were all using the same pc. They’re gonna all get mad at you now... and leave.

    Hope you’re satisfied.

  • thewiz

    again I must protest.

    Simon, what business is it of yours to turn someone into their employer? Doesn't this come as part of the package and the nature of the internet? You just make your product better and weed these things/people out; maybe me eventually. A challenge I imagine, but it would make your product more marketable.

    In another thread you and others basically said: "Yeah, but this is different."

    I mean there's no illegal activity right? The person is just being a pain in the butt right? I can see if you turn to authorities from some sort of illegal or threatening individuals/situations.

    Who ever these people are I'm sure I would hate them because I hate almost everybody anyway. I'm getting into my "middle-age" and have a lot of resentment for a wasted life and that comes across to just about everybody.

    But it IS the business of the employer to take action if they want to against their employees.

    Your not some kind of internet policeman or are you?

    Besides these people (myself included, sometimes) look like they provide entertainment for many. Like a cat with a mouse.

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