Are there other religions w similar beliefs to WTS

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  • barry

    Hello Leander,
    Seventh Day Adventists have 27 fundamental beleifs, number 25 states when a person dies he or she stayes in the grave and is ressurrented at the second comming of christ. Other similar beleifs are held by some Adventists addmitedly a small proportion beleive the Arian doctrine [the beleif that only the father is god same as the witnesses teach]. Most beleive the trinity but there is a congregation of Arian Adventists about 100 miles from where I live also my father knows an elder he knew who is an Arian. Adventists initially were more Arian up until about the 1930s and its probably the influence the pioneers of Adventism that influenced Russell in the formative years of the Bible students.

  • Stephanus

    Christadelphianism gets my vote. You could email Joseph Malik; IIRC he converted from JWs to Christadelphianism:

  • anewperson
    anewperson Jah Christian and other groups in the Free Christians movement (since 1998) most all hold such views though freedom to differ is allowed. Over 900 directly get the Free Christians News emailed newsletter 2-3 times weekly, many more have it forwarded. To get your own copy click the above or write [email protected], start your own Bible Group. SDA compel tithing and teach earth will be destroyed a thousand years. Christadelphians must all believe Satan is just a bad feeling, and there are others beliefs exJWs also find hard to swallow. With Free Christians you have true Christian freedom. Each group of two or more is independent but united by love, the Heb 6:1-2 basics, and as said most all retain belief in paradise earth, the dead sleeping peacefully in unconsciousness until resurrected etc though to differ.

  • SexKitten

    gx1138 That guy's totaling pulling your leg...
    about orthadox judahism.
    Dawn your right.
    Hyghlandyr - your born a Jew, practicing or not. Messiac jew's most of the main stream one's belive in mostly the same concept's as main line stream christianty. Onely their faith has been fulfilled.
    So gx1138 this guy was totally pulling your leg or was some wierdo sect or was just out-right using this to hide the fact that he was in all actuallity was a uncover J Dub....

  • RR

    There are plenty:

    Advent Christian Church [the Church Russell was a part of for ten years]

    Associated Bible Students:


    Christian Millennial Fellowship

    Christian Churches of God

    Meggido Church

    Concordant Publishing Concern

    Christian Educational Service

    Seventh Day Adventist [Trinitarians]

    I could go on and on and on!

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