Blood Transfusion?

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  • lilbluekitty

    Where's the latest Questions From Readers? I don't read the literature anymore but it'd be interesting if they have any New Lighton the subject.

  • Sayswho
    I sympathize with your situation and the governing body has allowed blood fractions for any who find themselves in an emergency.

    • Who are they to allow or not allow anything??? WTF...did you hear and understand what you said?
    • I hope you don't believe they have the God given right to make these life altering rulings?
    • If it is not stated just “so” in the bible...then no absolute decree can be made…the decision would be yours alone based on YOUR BIBLE TRAINED CONCIENCE.


  • AlphaQup2nite

    I work in the medical supply feild (surgical instruments) and ive actually talked to directors of various surgical departments about this matter. They say that generally the best is taking one's own blood out a month before surgery generally has the least complications, after of course recyling spilled blood during surgery. There are alternatives, but in an emergency situation, i would not be adverse to taking blood. The limiting factors are cost and preparedness. For many medications, blood is the cheapest and most effective base, and while there are methods to stimulate blood production (as well as portions, such as platlets) they do not work in an emergency situtation where time is often critical. The general consensus, atleast from my own personal research with doctors here in china is, blood transfusions save lives in a pinch, but it should be best used as a fall back. Granted, here cost is a very server limitation, so blood transfusions are commonplace; its the easy way that generally works. Plus with the growing technology, such as advances in the MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgical) feilds, more and more surgeries can be preformed without blood. Also, in sever truma cases, the no blood method is general a saline solution to raise volume, but that still starves tissue of oxygen due to the lack of red blood cells, and inhibits healing due to lack of platlets. Its a much riskier proposition. Then again JWs are taught to leave practically everything in God's hands, so to me, they seem like gamblers.

    There are many pros and cons to the situation, but you need to ask yourself a simple hypothetical situation:

    You are in a truamatic car accident and are in the OR, in danger of bleeding out on the table. You have the option to take whole blood with roughty a 75% change of recovery, or refusing blood, accepting the next option, saline solution to boost blood volume of what you already have, with a much lower, say 30 percent of survial, and only a 20% change of avoiding possibly perminate complications. What would you do?

    In the case of non emergency treatment, blood transfusions become less appealing, esp for planned surgeries. There are just so many options now on what to look into, if you can afford it.

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