Since leaving the WT, are you a better person?

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  • Valis

    roy, better in this instance might be a relative term. You would have to be a total troll to get any worse off after than when a JW. When I started college that's when I noticed a real change in myself. Previous to that I wasn't really doind anything besides eating mass quantities of LSD, floating my brain in mass quantities of beer, and wanking off.....Then I hit college. I had a couple advantages, like being able to read and speak in front of people, but testing the limits of my critical thinking exposed me to the whole gamut of things worldly. I couldn't even imagine what I would be like at 31 in the borg. Probably have 6 kids, an idiot for a wife, be a MS (I get to read at studies and hold the microphones), and be a Master Sanitation engineer.


    District Overbeer

  • LyinEyes

    Yeah , I am a better person, I am beginning to actually like myself.
    Being raised in a dysfunctional JW home and being one for so long, after while you grow to despise yourself for everything you dont measure up too. I am free of that now and the barriers are down.
    I find that I see things in a totally new way, I understand the phrase WWJD now, before I thought it was just false religions new bumper sticker. I didnt understand the concept at all as a jw. I think that is because they are so much like the pharisees.LOL
    But it freed me to be a more open and honest person, and that has made me a better wife, mother and friend.

  • Carmel

    ....must wife says I'm getting better with age...

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