2002 District Convention Schedule

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  • Matty

    A lot of convention speakers insert claptrap in their talks, maybe to massage their own egos. It also pads out an way-under-time talk!

    Do they have it in their notes?

    Perhaps like this:

    "Brothers and sisters, aren't you glad to be here?"
    (Pause for long applause)
    "The faithful and discreet slave have certainly given us food at the proper time haven't they brothers?"
    (pause for long applause)

  • Celia


    About a hour into the program I usually head back to the car and spend most of the day reading Fantastic Four stories and playing video games.

    Why go at all ?
    Stay home and read your comic books in the comfort of your own home, or go for a long walk, or stay in bed with your significant other, or, or, the possibilities are endless. Why do you go ????

  • Leander

    Its all history now Celia. I've put my last convention behind me

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Does anyone know when the books are released - which talks?

    And do they still have a literature counter where you can pick up stuff?

  • expatbrit
    1110 DRAMA: Stand Firm in Troubled Times

    Hey guys! Not only are apostates shaping Watchtower policy, we're now determining the convention programmes too!


  • blondie

    Friday at 425 "Worship the Only True God" book is released

    Saturday at 420 "Draw Close to Jehovah" book is released

    Sunday at 1040 "Youths-Build for the Future with Jehovah's Organization" flyer is released

    There is usually a table in the common walking area labeled "Literature" or equivalent. Publications can be picked up there after they are released (sometimes not until the next day). Also, the publications are handed out by the attendants right after the session they are released in. Just stand in line behind someone else. Usually, you have have 2 but sometimes more.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Thanks Blondie - that is exactly what i need to know

    Will they hand out a book to anyone in line or will everyone need an ID badge?

    Can I expect to be followed if I don't have a badge? What if I carry my old Bible?

    I know they don't take money anymore for the books - what do they do instead?

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  • blondie

    Just take your Bible (it's not green is it? Take the black version. Check lost and found at the convention. There are always tons). If they ask about the badge, just say you lost yours at the convention (fell off) or that you forgot it at home. Just be cautious as a serpent and innocent as a dove.

    No money, it's freeeeeeeeeeeeee! It's not even mentioned by the attendants.

    There are conveniently located contribution boxes :):):)

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I have an old well used black one that I use for reference now so I will take that. I plan to take a few (a lot) of business cards with silentlambs website on it to discretely leave around the stadium.

    I understand I have to take my own food too - that they don't provide any food at all any more Right?

  • blondie

    That's right, Lady Lee, no food. Some convention venues have vendors that are still allowed to operate while the JWs are having their convention, but I don't know which ones those are. The JWs are warned to stay away.

    Pretend it is a picnic. In some locales, the JWs do sit on blankets on the grass outside and eat. You can eat at your seat if you wish but there are no areas set aside with seating (unless it is part of the building) for eating.

    A nice sandwich, a piece of fruit, and beverage is usually enough unless you want to snooze later on. Take water because it has been hot at many sites. If there is AC, bring a light sweater.

    Don't forget your songbook.(just kidding)

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