The only wedding vendor that ripped us off.....

by LDH 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • rmayer32

    Sounds like they didn't half know what the hell they were doing. As high priced as photographers are, I'm sure if they do too many people that way they'll find their asses out of business as they should.

    In the meantime I'd be kicking their asses in court getting my money back.


  • sunscapes

    yeah, take it to Judge Mills Lane or Judy!

  • SixofNine
    I requested that samples of their 2 X 2 format be sent, as that is the forwat we wanted used. They sent those samples, but then at the wedding brought their little cheapy 35 mm. TOTALLY different format and pictures resulted.

    Personally, I think shooting a wedding on anything but 35mm is silly in most cases (you don't see war photographers toting around Hasselblads do you?), but then, I am just shy of an atheist.

    Obviously Lisa, your wedding, replete with a black groom and the full intention of having a much larger than average film size, shows that you put your faith in Gods word wherein it states that size does indeed matter, Ezekial 22:23.

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