The only wedding vendor that ripped us off.....

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  • LDH

    was a JW.

    I know I've posted this before (at the start of the forum)but thought you newbies would enjoy.


    About three years ago hubby and I got married. We live in California, got married in Pawley's Island, South Carolina. (Just south of Myrtle Beach.)

    I was in charge of arranging everything, including all wedding vendors. Bully for the Internet!

    I had contracts in place, questioned other clients, etc etc....

    Fast forward to the wedding. EVERYTHING went off without a hitch. Except, oddly.....

    While us girls were in the bathroom of the Country Club getting dressed, the photographer (who was supposed to be taking pics of me, BTW) was busy interrupting me and asking for the rest of her money.

    As with all our other vendors, we put down half deposit and agreed that the other half would be paid at the end of the evening.

    The only thing I can thing of, the photog team (husband/wife) freaked out when they walked in the country club and saw that most in attendance were black!! (OH THE HORROR!!!)

    So, finally the last straw....I'm trying to get dressed and the wife comes rushing in to ask about the rest of her money (a whopping $400). I told her to go see groom--he had the checkbook.

    Well apparently in the sea of BBD (big black dudes) she couldn't make out the groom! [8>] So she came back in (remember she's supposed to be taking pictures of groom and ushers outside in the sunset light--this has all been pre-arranged) in a state of panic.

    I finally told her in no uncertain terms she would have to wait until later to get her money or she could leave. Family members were present and a little shocked to hear the vulgar language I used, LOL.

    Later on, a family member offered the prayer--and made it a point to pray to Jehovah [8>] --over the meal. The photography team quickly ran to said member to ask if they were JWs!!! Well of course they had their own little sanctimonious reunion (at *my* wedding) with people they had never met, and all seemed well.

    They helped themselves to dinner ($25 per plate) and left at 10 o clock, after their contracted 4 hours.

    The other vendors waited to be INVITED before helping themselves to dinner. The country club kept the bar open the whole evening, not just the three hours we paid for. The DJ stayed an hour later because the kids were having so much fun. Even the NON-DENOMINATIONAL minister hung around and partied.

    The shock came 4 weeks later when we got our pics. (I studied photog for 4 yrs in high school so I knew what to ask for)

    *The format was 35 mm instead of 2 X 2 (biggest disappointment)

    *There is not one photo of our guests (we had told her people came from all over the states to attend and we wanted CANDID photos)

    *There is not one picture of the Country Club or the surroundings although we had agreed that before the start of the ceremony, said photo team would take family shots outside in the sunset.....

    * There are 150 pictures.

    Now, we had contracted for 150 pictures and 4 hours. I told her to shoot as many rolls as she could in those four hours and we would CHOOSE which 150 to purchase. They agreed. An $800 base fee, and then when we chose our 150 prints, we would pay for each reprint.

    The end result was, the 150 pictures they took were shit, and there were no others to choose from.

    By the way, all of the black WORLDLY people in attendance were Professionals. One teaches film making at a university and has produced several films, one is an architect, one is literally a rocket scientist for NASA, one is a personal coach who is frequently used in Essence and other black mags. And on and on.

    The black JWs in attendance, on the other hand, were retired nursing aids and cleaning people.


  • Dutchie

    You're right, Lisa. I did enjoy that story. Its a pity that we live in such a race conscious society, and one in which people instantly form opinions based on your skin color. The photographer probably thought two thinks when she saw all the black people. Either that you had no money or that when she finished taking the pictures you would pull some sort of scam on her. Its obvious that she never stopped to think that these were all professional people.

    I'd sue her for my money back!

  • zanex

    hey lis..did u actually pay them? Doesnt surprise me in the least bit that the jw staff ripped ya like that...

  • Fredhall


    Sounds like a big wedding there. Professionals or no professionals, you are going to have problems from the start. Believe me, it happened in alot of weddings.

  • Spiderman

    Hi, I have had problems with JW and non-JW workers before. I don't think that just because someone is a JW, that it immediately makes them trustworthy. I think when hiring someone for such a delicate job, as pictures in a wedding is, that caution must be taken. I never choose just one, I usually try to interview the people and then I make a choice. Word of mouth suggestions are good. Samples would be nice also to decide if their work is appropiate.

    I'm sorry you had trouble with the photographer. Of course the bad example of one JW in your wedding does not speak for the many honest and hard working JWs around the earth.

    But it does serve as a good reminder to be careful with who we hire for such a memorable event.

  • LDH
    But it does serve as a good reminder to be careful with who we hire for such a memorable event.

    And you'd better believe that if I had known they were JW I wouldn't have hired them.

    I find it odd though, out of all our vendors, this was the only one who did not do what we agreed on

    Hey Fred, it was a TOTALLY small wedding, less than 80 people. We had no other problems.

    Spidey, I requested that samples of their 2 X 2 format be sent, as that is the forwat we wanted used. They sent those samples, but then at the wedding brought their little cheapy 35 mm. TOTALLY different format and pictures resulted.

    Sure, you can sue, but what about the pictures of your wedding> You can't re-create it!

    Zanex going to call you this afternoon. have been wondering about you.


  • Fredhall


    A small wedding? Then I having a private one.

  • Scully


    I wholeheartedly agree with you in not going out of my way to hire JWs. I've worked with JWs. I've had JWs do work for me. Compared to their "worldly" counterparts, they in each and every case have had poor work ethics and the work they do is of inferior quality. That's been my experience.

    Besides, now that I'm out, I do not feel beholden to support any JWs by giving my business to them. The same way they prefer to not do business with hubby's company, even though he is one of the best qualified and best recommended in his field. It's just as well - we don't need their money - I consider it tainted.

    Love, Scully

  • LDH

    Fred, I told you. Jessica is married to the dude in the wheelchair.

    PS. I would have sued if I had know I was df'd! Dammit, the only reason I didn't sue is because I was trying to follow that stupid "don't sue fellow JWs rule."


  • LDH

    afternoon btt


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