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  • detective

    It occurred to me that perhaps one of the differences between a Catholic confession(s) and a JW confession before an elder(s)is that the priest tries to figure out what's appropriate for forgiveness, whereas the elder(s) try to figure out what's appropriate for punishment. Forgiveness versus punishment.

    Would you say that's a relatively accurate assessment?

    Another question- a more personal one- since I've not been before a judicial committee, I'd like to ask those who have if it is common for men to be probed for details of sexual exploits. I know that many women complain of this but do the men usually go through the same type of grilling down to specific details?

  • butalbee

    Detective--you've hit the hammer on the nail.

    Another difference is that in confession NOBODY except the priest(and God) hears your sins.

  • Fire Dragon
    Fire Dragon

    I hate to sound like a troll, mainly b/c I don't want to defend the JWs. But the other reason for JW confession is to find a solution to the error of the 'sinner's' ways. To build up spiritually so to speak so that the 'sin' isn't committed again.

    "...if there is a hell, I'll see you there." (NIN - Downward Spiral)
    I'll be the one providing the fire.

  • dungbeetle

    Firedragon: That would be fine, except that JW's are REQUIRED (see the 'org' book on Kent's site) to confess their sins TO THE ELDERS.

    They do not have the option of confessing/not confessing (as in the Catholic church) and they do not have the option of confessing, if they choose, to WHOM they choose. If you confess something to someone other than an elder, if willget TO the elders and they will come to YOU.

    EXCEPT, of regards to pedophilia.

  • zanex

    ahh yah I member that judicial panel of windbags...yah they asked and asked and asked about what "other" things I had done that I felt "repentant" for but I didnt feel the need to share much of anything that I hadnt already been ratted out about...heh heh...fockers...

  • detective

    Fire Dragon, I see your point. I hadn't thought about it that way exactly.

    Of course, it still seems as though there is an assumption of sthe confessor's sincerity on the part of the priest in Catholic confession that doesn't seem to exist among elders in JW confession. Perhaps it is the fact that confession isn't mandatory in the Catholic church but JWdom seems to speak more of a police state where you will confess and be punished or be caught and be punished. Punishment seeming to be the focus.

    Zanex, I wasn't sure if male witnesses experienced the same sort of grilling for details but I guess at least one has experienced it. Any others?

  • revdrjohnson


    Made me think back to the two times I confessed -- each of which resulted in (1) Me being put on "Probation", and (2) Me getting "cussed out" by the females about whom I'd confessed, and (3) me looking back at least a HUNDRED times over the last quarter of a century asking myself, "Confession? What was that all about?"

    All that "Purgin' the sin" na-na is just that, a whole bunch of na-na. Bottom line, it weren't none 'a their business in the first place; and secondly it did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about cleaning out the multitudes of hidden sin that pervades the b'ORGANIZATION. [>:(]

    Keep the Faith

  • Xenu

    The Holy Saints encouraged us to seek the older ones of the community.
    So that there may be spiritual offerings through words. In like manner the Jehovahs attempt to follow the same way.

  • revdrjohnson

    Xenu said:

    The Holy Saints encouraged us to seek the older ones of the community.
    So that there may be spiritual offerings through words. In like manner the Jehovahs attempt to follow the same way.
  • LyinEyes

    I dont like the idea you absolutly have to confess to the elders . And you do or you die in armeggedon. But what blows my skirt up , is
    the RESTRICITIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When Jesus forgave someone ,he said you are FORGIVEN, GO ,andDONT SIN ANYMORE. How refreshing that must have been to get the help you needed and to be free of the sin. Where did Jesus ever say you are forgiven,but for 8 months you cant answer at the meetings or give a talk, or pray before the field service group.
    Which after 8 months of being on restrictions, or being punished,
    everyone and their dog knows you are in trouble. That is humiliating
    and why many dont confess. It is such bullcrap.

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