Something tells me 1914...

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  • Monsieur
    After todays watchtower lesson, and the lessons coming, something tells me bigger and bigger new understandings are coming. And that it will culminate with 1914. Notice how jesus is now coming, and no longer already here. The current understanding is BOTH, he is here and hes also coming. Precisely the convoluted mess they r trying to clear up.
  • _Morpheus
    Possibly, they do need to jettison it at some point, but for now on the JW app there is a long video explaining it as truth. When that video disapears we will know the jig is up. For now... 1914, christ enthronement blah blah all "truth"
  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    They can keep the 1914 going for several more years and people will keep waiting.

    How long have people been waiting for Jesus?

  • hoser

    Until people start questioning the overlapping generation teaching 1914 can be used for at least another 50 years.

    Now if they said they made a mistake in the math by 100 years and that Christ was enthroned in heaven in 2014 that would make more sense for an end times cult. It would renew the urgency for the ones that would stay and there are enough brain dead dubs that would lap it up and say "what a loving provision from Jehovah"

  • Magnum
    Monsieur: Notice how jesus is now coming, and no longer already here. The current understanding is BOTH, he is here and hes also coming.

    Did I miss something? Has anything changed on that? Haven't JWs long taught that Jesus is "here" in the sense that he has been ruling as king in heaven since 1914 and that he is coming in the sense that the kingdom will soon remove its enemies and take complete control of the earth?

    Has something changed on that?

  • Finkelstein

    I've been saying the WTS will drop 1914 for awhile now, particularity that it was conceived from weak scriptural backing and to make a specific date /year is actually going against Jesus's own commandment to not make a time on god's own sacred time.

    Remember Jesus the son of God Jehovah, he's suppose to have some relevance in Christianity.

  • Monsieur

    Exactly magnum,

    A convoluted mess...I don't know how it is explained on the jw app, but I take it there is a reason its a long video...something so fundamental needs to be much easier explained.

  • Tenacious

    I believe you are right. Although this weekend's talk centered around the 1914 date and how the WT reaches it, all signs point to an overhaul of long held beliefs. This concurs with the type/anti-type reviews done lately.

    The new bible also notes 1914 as being an "about" date not an exact date.

    Funny thing is the flock will continue without batting an eye. Makes me sick inside.

  • freemindfade
    I feel they will abandon the 607 part of 1914 but still claim 1914 as right. And instead of trying to prove it with some nonsense from daniel just more vaguely claim that's when matt 24 started happening the end.
  • wallsofjericho

    I definitely sensed this is preparation for more to come

    they have "simplified" the truth to drop much of what has bitten them in the ass

    the new methodology is very mainstream compared to the century past but I am certain this is laying the ground work for all date setting etc to be "not the point".

    The WTS can shift the conversation from dates like 607 and 1914 to encouragement and application instead of mathematical formulas

    after a few years of this new "focus" they can quietly leave out the "old" focus and eventually lose the original teachings all together

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