Another Sad Story

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  • kheli

    My former best friend was murdered this morning in Oregon. Apparently, she has been dating a "worldly" man for about a year now. She went to visit him in Oregon. They got into an argument, he strangled her and then killed himself.

    I am so angry that because of my DF'd status, I can't go around the family or our so-called friends to comfort them. In fact, none of my "friends" bothered to call to let me know. My ex-husband was the one to drop the news on me.

    She was such a beautiful person inside and out. It's too bad that just because this guy wasn't a JW, she won't get a proper memorial service.

    ...yet another reason why I'll never go back to this bullshit organization.

  • WildHorses

    I'm sorry Kheli,

    Is there anyone there you can talk to, to help you through this?
    I never know what to say when someone loses someone dear to them but please know that you have us here to talk to when you need us.


    I don't want someone in my life I can live with. I want someone in my life I can't live without.
  • Prisca


    My heart goes to you, and my arms are around you to hug you. My condolences go to your friend's family too.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Email me if you need to vent.

  • VioletAnai

    Warm hugs....

  • orbison

    please phone your local transition house, the can help you grieve, this is a terrible thing, they will help you, i promise

  • kheli

    Thank you ladies.

    Actually, I'm fine considering the circumstances. She and her family are truly the victims.

    I just feel like I should be doing something for her family. We were friends since high school and she was also my maid of honor. So to sit by and do nothing feels hypocritical. But all because of JW rules, I can't be around.

    So much for human compassion.

  • kheli

    Thanks Orbi...I'm sure I am still in shock, but I will get help if it gets to be too unbearable.

  • noidea


    I'm sorry for your loss.
    Even though your presence may not be welcomed. There is nothing wrong in writing them a note of sympathy.
    What they decide to do with it is their option, it would at least help you to know that you didn't sit by idle.

    BTW..Good to have you here!


  • Dawn


    I'm so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers will be with you - and with this girl's family.

  • rmayer32

    That is terrible, My condolences to you on your loss

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