Truth be Told

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  • problemaddict

    Hey there WW. I agree that it is a good start. i am most certainly a supporter of the movie.

    I would lvoe to see Gregario as he improves on his craft, and with perhaps more financial support, to be part of a team that could do a documentary that I think would have a serious chance of making the rounds and getting some serious exposure.

    I for one think a Rutherford documentary would be fancinating. Relating it to current JW teachings, and how those teachings have affected people now much like Gregario showed.

    None of the people in the movie were ever "good JW's" so to speak. Good for them. Now what about the guy that went to Gilead, the former CO, the elder who had all JW employees......what happens when their wife needs blood, or they finally look their religion up on the internet....

    I think that is a compelling story and a natural progression from this fantastic beginning. I would certainly help fund it.....and others here probably would too.

  • steve2

    How long is it scheduled to show in the cinema in Portland for?

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  • BroMac

    2:25 "Men make god's of wood & stone"

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