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  • witchywoman

    My husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to see this movie in Portland Oregon. It is produced by Gregorio Smith. He was raised in the Jehovah's Witness religion, and shows this movie from that point of view. When it was over we had questions and answers with Gregario, and also with Nathan, who also was interviewed in the movie.

    One thing thats must happen is to make this movie a success, and let the rest of the world know the hell that is going on inside of those Kingdom Hall walls.

    If you live around the Massachusettes area and can see this movie it is well worth your time. If you are still inside the Watchotwer and want to see it, I hope you can find the courage to attend, you won't be sorry.


    Coolidge Corner Theater

    290 Harvard Street

    Brookline MA 02446

    I tried to provide links, but there is no way to do that.

  • steve2

    I'm hoping it comes to New Zealand - perhaps as part of a film festival.

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    Come on Netflix! Get this please

  • witchywoman

    Captain, what the producer is trying to acheive right now is to expose what is going on within this restrictive religion. For now the screenings are being set up in city after city. I want for my youngest daughter who was raised a JW and left to see this movie. She will really be able to relate to it. Trust that eventually the producer did say that we will be able to purchase a copy. This movie really hits home, because it is so much more than a book. People besides JW's and ex JW's are seeing it.

    Truth be Told is also on Facebook too, you will recognize the Watchtower. So anybody interested can sort of keep an eye on what is going on. Although I think he will stop all the likes, when they get to 144,000. ;) just kidding. :)


  • Trevor Scott
    Trevor Scott

    When you say you had a QA with Nathan, do you mean Nate Quarry? I know he is from the area...

  • witchywoman

    Yes I do mean Nate Quarry, he introduced himself to me as Nathan, and Gregario Smith. I got to speak to Nathan before the movie started, he is a very kind man. He listened and understood what I was telling him. I told him that I have been out of the JW religion for over 23 years, and I recently recieved a call from my son-in-law, telling me why he can't bread with me. Mind you my son-in-law who I rarely see anyway. THEN about a week later, I get a call from my daughter, whom I also don't speak to very often, she wanted to let me know that talking to me has been really bothering her conscience. So she has decided ........ again....... to shun me. So, any of this make sense to you? No me neither, so the one thing we agreed upon is that too much of what the Watchtower does to its members, those born into and ex members of it's religion is kept quiet, and hidden, and it must be brought out into the open. It is the only way to stop the mental abuse.

  • smiddy

    A couple of us here in Australia have contacted SBS TV to see if they can screen it , and received a favourable response that they would pass it on to their programming dept.


  • Trevor Scott
    Trevor Scott


    Nice that you were able to talk to Nate. He's a great person who has never hesitated to talk about his experience of growing up in the JW religion.

  • problemaddict

    I saw it in San Diego. I think it is a great START in telling the stories people need to know.

    The personal snapshots of peoples experiences will resonate with some, and not with others. I think some of the most compelling stories and information come from the true believers that have left. Most of the people in the movie were never the "good JW's", and some including the director i believe was not baptized.

    That is not to say I am critical of the movie. I think Gregario did a great job, and stepped it up to do something that had not been done. Going over doctrine is useless of course. But doing something to show the absurdity and push the illogical twists into the public mind in a way that resonates, entertains, and will expose their beliefs to the worl at large AND JW's individually, still needs to be done.

    The first 30 minutes of the movie were about birthdays for goodness sake. That was mad overkill.

    With the stories of tragedy and shunning here on this board, and from many others not here, there is so much the ex-JW community has as resources to pull from. I applaud Gregarios work. I don't think it is for a wide audience. I can't see it getting picked up. I think it would be immediately rejected by any JW's simply because it doesn't really speak to them and creates a kind of ominous tone. The only real audience, it seems, are those that used to be JW's, or are affected by JW's in some way. That is just to narrow I think.

    Still like I said.....I think it is a great start. We need to think more "Bowling for Columbine" level to be able to make a splash. Maybe just with less of a budget. :)

  • witchywoman

    I do respect your opinon problemaddict, and I understand. At the same time, not everyone there was a JW, exJW, or anything to do with the Watchtower whatsoever. One gentleman said that he had no idea what it is like from the inside perspective. He agreed that this religion needs to be exposed. Like you say it is only a beginning, and if this is what it takes I applaud Gregario and his team for all their efforts. It could not have been easy. Most importantly it simply tells the story of what is taken from you as a JW. There is no free thought, no dreams, no goals, for yourself that is. After seeing the movie, and hearing Jehovah in the movie so many times, it left me with the feeling that Jehovah is a very selfish God, to take some of the smallest and most innocent of things from a child.

    I hope it does make it Australia smiddy. Thanks Trevor, yes Nathan is an outspoken man. Not too hard on the eyes either. ;)

    This is a very good start. I think that once this takes off, it will grow like wildfire.

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