Did anyone see the Discovery Channel special last?

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    Running Man

    I saw the program you mentioned where Ezekial may have encounted a UFO. I believe the program was called Mysteries of the Bible. (I could be wrong about the title) also on this program was a theory that Jesus did not die on the cross, but actually moved to France and had a family. Another part of the program was that maybe Sodom and Gommorah were destroyed by a nuclear exposion.

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  • RunningMan

    I checked the schedule last night. The show about the rivers of Eden was called "In Search of Eden", which topped off a three hour crap fest on the Learning Channel. Sorry about any confusion - similar subject, same time, one channel down.

  • Panda

    The show title was "The Real Eve". Wonderfully informative. The kind of program that sends me to the library or bookstore. One of the scientists (I think the first female scientist on the show) did clear up the question of whether or not the scientific community was actually talking about not one person but one shared mitochondrial dna sequence. I think the explanation went something like this; if you take a certain group of people in a village, over time all the people will share a surname. So it's not one person but a group with that surname or dna. "Eve" was several "Eve's" who became millions over about 80,000 years. Can you tell I liked this program? The positive changes in the "out of africa eve's" dna only occurred over aabout 20,000 years for each difference(thank you Darwin for explaining natural selection)Which accounts for the obvious change in pigment and stature.

    Another amazing point was that while the great apes are only 1% dna different from modern humans...our cousins the Neanderthals were even closer genetically...cool huh? My very very favorite detail which was mentioned more than once was... the original Eve's were young ,black ,and big hipped!!!!!mmm---hmmm
    10 years ago I would never have said these things publically, phew!!!It's so good to be out of the ORG.(:D)

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  • sableindian

    Hi, Running Man,

    Your point is well taken.

    But please note the technique Moses, the writer, who lived after the flood, used. He gave a description that others could understand, which is the rivers that existed during his time. Alhough the world looked different. It was like him saying, "You know where those 4 rivers are now? Well, that is where Eden was". And the people living during that time would say. "Oh, yeah, riiiight."

    For instance, we use the term "Middle East" freely. Yet, this term did not exist until the late 19th century. Yet, WE understand the modern area even though someone living in ancient times would have to have these boundaries explained to them. (Especially the Suez canal and the Aswan dam)

    So the face of Africa is changing with the deserts, damming of rivers and other human ehanced differences.

    Good thread, don't you think?

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